I think we can all agree that 21st January 2017 will go down in history as a day to be remembered by millions across the globe. If nothing else, today was the first time I switched on the news in the morning and actually saw something that made me smile, and gave me hope that … Continue reading Unity

Ours To Share – The Blogging Project: Expression

Hey guys, my name is InspiredTeen and my blog is lifeofaninspiredteen.wordpress.com. The lovely L decided to do a new guest post/blogging series in which the whole blogosphere come together and each write a different post about specific things they enjoy when it comes to blogging and I thought it was such a great idea and … Continue reading Ours To Share – The Blogging Project: Expression

what is a Man?

A recent series, questioning what it truly menas to be a man, has justed launched over here in the UK. Although I haven't watched the first episode, and at this point have no intention of doing so, I think that the topic which the series shines a light on is certainly one for thought and … Continue reading what is a Man?


I'm not cool. It probably goes without saying, to be honest, but in case it just wasn't clear enough, I've put it in pride of place at the very beginning here. And again: I@m not cool, in case you are a blog-reader who, for some reason, refuses to read the first sentence of posts, which … Continue reading Cool

Just Believe

There are often pressures placed upon teenagers and young adults to conform to common expectations within our society today. From first-hand experience, I understand how damaging this can be to an individual, and how it can influence thoughts and feelings about personality and individuality. I believe that this is why so many teenagers and young … Continue reading Just Believe