Introduction to Political Posts, and an Outline of my Political Views

For young people across the globe, regardless of background, ethnicity or beliefs, politics is becoming a fundamental centre point of our lives, dictating and influencing the way we think, act and, for those old enough, vote. I have actively avoided political comments on this blog, not because of a lack of interest in the topic; … Continue reading Introduction to Political Posts, and an Outline of my Political Views


Imagine looking at Earth from space. A picture, of course, will never fully show how spectacular it must look, but feel free to bring one up, in case you feel you may need it for reference (the world geography test is next Tuesday!) There is land, and there is water. Land, and water. Land, and … Continue reading Earth

I Never Thought…

I live in England, in Great Britain -- in the united Kingdom. OK, so I'm doing that whole quiet-pride thing because I got Great Britain and the United Kingdom the right way round: for interested ignorants, Great Britain does not include Northern Ireland. I guess UKExit didn't have the same ring to it as brexit, … Continue reading I Never Thought…

Seven Billion

It's odd, isn't it, that there are around seven billion people wandering around on this planet of ours. Seven billion is an incomprehensibly large number — think about it, and try to imagine seven billion people all in one place, at one given time. That is one complex seating plan... Individually, we are all just … Continue reading Seven Billion