You and I

You like the sunshine. You love the feel of the heat on your skin, the warmth of spring that quite literally puts the spring back in your step. I’ve never seen you happier than when the sun is shining, and when you can sit in the garden, reading or listening to music, or just being, … Continue reading You and I


I want to run. Run, as fast as I can, run and run until I see nothing familiar, until I know nothing about my surroundings besides how refreshingly new they are. I want to escape, never looking back: no anxious glances over my shoulder, no lingering doubts. I want to run.   I want to … Continue reading Runaway


Mental health is a stigmatised topic. There is no avoiding it, coating it with pretty lies or half-hearted hopes. As a society, we do not like to talk about mental health. For those of us in the mental health community – on Twitter, here on WordPress, or maybe in a more physical manner --, it … Continue reading Talk


I sit on a wooden chair. The linear struts that form its back dig painfully into my own, standing tall alongside my spine, holding us both together. They make me aware: aware of myself, and that I'm here, because they're here, and if they're touching me then I must be here too, with them. The … Continue reading Metaphors