Little Moments

We were laughing, I think. Or maybe we weren't. Maybe they were laughing; maybe I was too. I can't remember. It's not important. It was a long time ago, anyway. Not so long ago, a few years, perhaps, or last week -- I forget the details. We were laughing. And then we weren't. It's strange … Continue reading Little Moments

Flames in the Fire

Philosophical posts have never been my forte, really. Sure — sometimes my musings and thoughts on life, the universe and, well, everything manage to come off as somewhat intelligent, or at least aware of the world around me. Usually, though, they resemble pretentious ramblings, the words of someone who wishes they knew more, thought bigger … Continue reading Flames in the Fire

Life and death

I'm writing this at school, on a Tuesday afternoon — just another Tuesday afternoon, but not. Earlier this month, a student in my year at school passed away. I didn't know him well, and I'm not pretending to have done so, but it affected me, as it affected so many in my year, whether they … Continue reading Life and death