Life and death

I'm writing this at school, on a Tuesday afternoon — just another Tuesday afternoon, but not. Earlier this month, a student in my year at school passed away. I didn't know him well, and I'm not pretending to have done so, but it affected me, as it affected so many in my year, whether they … Continue reading Life and death

All My Friends

When all of your friends are breaking down into pieces of their former selves around you, what are you supposed to do? It's something that I'm all too familiar with, if I'm honest, but I don't mind that in the slightest: I'm always here to help anybody, whenever, wherever, and however I can. Besides, I'm … Continue reading All My Friends


And here's the overdue post. The post where I feel self-pity. The post where I'm selfish. The post where I act as if the world's wrongs are solely designed to negatively impact me, and only me. Everywhere I look, people are having a nice, relaxed summer break: some are going on holiday to lovely distinations; … Continue reading Overdue