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I understand that with a blog comes a reader’s urge [sometimes] to contact the author. This is usually for one of two reasons:
1. The author is an inspiration to the reader, and the reader wants to thank the author for such a wonderful blog post, in which they discussed interesting and important topics [some people can write, I know, shocking…]
2. The author of the blog has written the biggest, most useless pile of rubbish [monitoring my language, very proud], and the reader is desperate to express how violently ill the post has made them feel, and wants to tell the author what a disgrace to literature they are [some readers can also write; again, shocking…]

Being able to self-criticise has shown me that you’ll likely be coming after me with points similar to that described in reason number 2. I welcome feedback [fake smiles everybody, fake smiles], and would love to hear from you.

No, I mean it. I love to get feedback; it means so much to me if someone not only reads my post, but chooses to contact me about it, even if they did think it was the biggest load of rubbish they’d ever read in their life. As long as you’re not plain rude [look, I’m fairly lenient], I’ll treat all feedback, negative or positive, with my greatest respect and gratitude.

“Brilliant!” I hear you say, “but how do I contact you?”
Below is a contact form; fill in the fields, writing as much or as little as you like, and it will pop straight over to me — how clever is that?!

Tweet: @CouldBeKel
Skype: CWarnedL

Happy contacting!

20 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. You know when sometimes you look like a grinning idiot because you’re smiling at your screen when you read something. That’s me! I really like your blog and I don’t know why but this made me laugh! Well I actually do know why because it was funny. Cool blog you got going here!

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  2. I discovered your blog like few hours ago and I have to tell you – YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON. Right now my cheeks are painful because I could’t stop smiling while I was reading your posts (which are so relatable). You seem so mature and yet you’re making me smile like no one else… Thank you a lot for that πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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