Everyone has thoughts. Everyone has feelings and emotions, mountains of things that go on in the world around them, universes of things that happen in their heads. Some people are excellent at expressing their thoughts and feelings -- I guess it's just one of those things; some people are naturally good at talking, and sharing, … Continue reading Letters


I am struggling to get it into my head. I have 1000 WordPress followers. What??? There are 1000 of you wonderful, lovely, amazing people out there, which in itself is a number I can't come close to comprehending. Each one of you is fantastic, interesting, and just a genuinely fabulous person, and each of you … Continue reading 1000

Vanishing Words

Do you ever start to write a post, but never finish it? Because I do... Often, I write posts in school, writing sentences or expandable bullet points on my phone in those small, silent moments amidst the chaos. Sometimes, like now, I write in form — like our registration period —, as it's half-an-hour long, … Continue reading Vanishing Words