About Me

Photo of me and my dog (the dog is the one on the right)

So, you’ve stumbled across this little blog of mine, have you? well rejoice, for clearly the earth smiles upon you on this fine day…

So, the man behind the words, eh? Well, I guess that’d be me…
My name is Kelsey Trevett; I’m a 17-year-old Brit — the best kind, if you ask me –, living in the outskirts of London. I am incredibly left-wing, extremely crazy (self-admitted), and blind — literally, no eyes. Believe me, the amount of times I’ve said that I’m ‘blind’, and I’ve had the response: ‘The Lord will open your eyes and allow you to see soon’… No, mate, i’m literally blind: they’re bloomin’ plastic.
Now I must warn you: I have been told, particularly by those who read my blog from overseas (welcome, by the way), that I have a ‘very british sense of humour’. Well, for starters, I know how to spell humour — with a ‘u’, if you were in any doubt –, but I don’t see my humour as particularly British, just as I don’t exclaim on a regular basis: ‘Oh my gosh, your personality is just SOOO South-East London’. Regardless, if the british sense of humour is something that you’re potentially unfamiliar with, then strap yourself in: this could be a bumpy ride.

A little more about me: I live with three cats, my parents and my older sister; she’s at university at the moment though, so she’s not here all that often. I also have a Guide Dog — Lacey –, who I qualified with in September 2017. I love her to bits (I know, I know, cliché), and I honestly can’t imagine life without her any more.

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet: it’s small, yes, but I like it here; I hope you do too. Here, I write about — well, anything really: school, my thoughts and feelings, my day-to-day life, stories, music, books… Whatever comes into my head, I write, and this is where it all ends up. Strange, really, but I’m actually quite proud of it, in the sense that I’ve documented years of my life here, and that’s indestructible, and undoubtable.
So join me, on my little adventure; it’s interesting, from time to time, and pretty boring most days, but I like it. I hoep you will too.

Kel XX