Young Greens Executive Committee Elections: Campaign Video Transcript

Here’s the transcript of my campaign video in support of my election to the role of Non-Portfolio Officer on the Young Greens Executive Committee. You can watch the full campaign video here.

“Hi, I’m Kelsey Trevett, and I’m running to be a Non-Portfolio Officer on the Young Greens Exec Committee.

If elected, I will focus on equality, diversity, and inclusion. These three values are fundamental to Green politics, and vital to creating a Green future, with social justice at its very heart. Social justice isn’t just a means by which to achieve climate justice: the two are so intrinsically linked that it is impossible to prioritise one over the other, and nor should we try to. But we can say for sure that social justice is so much more than a means to an end: it is absolutely crucial in its own right.

As Young Greens, we have a responsibility to ensure that everything we do, every campaign that we lead on, every event that we run, is accessible, inclusive, and founded on a diverse range of voices and viewpoints.
The key to this is, undoubtedly, listening. I don’t know everything, and will never claim to. But I do know that the best people to explain social injustices are those who experience them. I know how important it is to amplify their voices, providing a platform for them to share their stories. I know that we must act and stand in solidarity with marginalised groups, allowing their views to always take the lead in our actions to support them.

As a disabled person, I understand the frustration caused when my voice is drowned out by able-bodied people claiming to understand the issues I face better than I do.
As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I share the fear at the attacks on rights launched by a right-wing government whose track record on equality is, at best, shameful.

Now, fighting for social justice is more critical than ever before. The Coronavirus pandemic – and the Torys’ response to it – the Black Lives Matter movement, the Trans Rights protests — all of these have highlighted the rampant inequality that still plagues our society. With a populist government more interested in propping up broken capitalism than it is protecting its people, it is vital that its attempts to demonise vulnerable groups in society, and to strip them of their rights, aren’t allowed to succeed. We must guarantee an inclusive movement, open and accessible to any young person or student who wishes to join us, regardless of their access needs, geographical location, or socio-economic status. As someone who is a member of traditionally marginalised groups, I can provide valuable insight to help achieve this aim.

What experience do I bring? I’ve chaired a Student Representative Group for two years. I have strategically created and facilitated access to campaigns, developed policies ensuring a full representation of diversity, and alongside this, I have helped to forge and implement plans which promoted sustainability within my college. I’m a membership officer in my local party, and I have also advocated for equality, both online and in-person, including fighting for equal access to further education for those with Special Educational Needs.

If you believe that equality and diversity should be at the heart of everything we do, and that the Young Greens must be accessible and inclusive for everyone, no matter their background, or how they identify, then please, vote for me for Non-Portfolio Officer for the Young Greens Exec Committee on 1st August. I won’t let you down!.”

At the end of the video, a campaign graphic, which reads:
“Vote Kelsey Trevett for Young Greens exec
Equality for all, no matter what
Diversity of voices throughout the Young Greens
Inclusion regardless of access needs, socio-economic status, geographical location, background, or how you identify

Published and promoted by Kelsey Trevett as part of their campaign for election to the post of Non-Portfolio Officer. This is not an official communication from the Young Greens”

Published and promoted by Kelsey Trevett as part of their campaign for election to the post of Non-Portfolio Officer. This is not an official communication from the Young Greens

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