Autumn Playlist

As, in the northern hemisphere at any rate, the leaves begin to fade to a crisp golden brown and fall from their trees, as the wind becomes sharper and fresher, and the need for a hot chocolate and cozy blanket in the evenings becomes more and more apparent, I know it’s time for autumn. I love autumn — how couldn’t I? With the final sunset of the summer, a new era commences, one of cold, fresh nature, and warm, comfortable indoors. Without sounding cliche, I often feel that autumn best reflects me as a person: not warm and eternally joyful like the summer, not especially full of hope, like the spring, and yet not as desolate and hopeless as the winter. Autumn retains a lot of the natural beauty of summer, and yet promises — for better or for worse — the harshness and bitterness of the winter to follow.

Usually, from about September onwards, I find my music taste altering with the seasons. A darker, more solemn sound seems to capture my attention in these months — call me a depressive, if you so wish, but at least it’s seasonal. Sprinkled amongst these sombre songs are the odd, but appropriate, tunes of hope, keeping this playlist — and my own being — just above the surface. I’ve put together some of my top picks for Autumn 2018; do let me know what you’re listening to at the moment too!

Crush Culture — Conan Gray
You insult Conan Gray, I’ll insult you. Even if you’re not a fan of his music (which I very much am), his Twitter should be enough to win you over; it’s relatable af.

Details — Maisie Peters
I love Maisie Peters so, so much; her EP comes out on 2nd November, and I am very excited! (Also again very relatable <a href=""Twitter and lyrics.)

Five Dollars — Christine and the Queens
This has a really pop-like sound, mixed with this kind of reflective, thoughtful mood — it works really well!

99 Red Balloons — Nena
This song has been stuck in my head for weeks now, on and off. Again, despite it’s 80s upbeat sound, the lyrics are really thought-provoking and actually quite emotive.
Better Off — Ariana grande
Mainstream, I know, but at least it’s not as mainstream as just naming one of her singles! Better Off has this really great mood, less bubblegum-pop (as is the usual for Ariana Grande, and part of the reason I love her). Something different, however, is great, and I really love this less upbeat approach.

What’s Good — Fenne Lily
I first discovered Fenne Lily when she supported Dodie on her tour earlier this year, and I truly truly love her music — it’s absolutely great! This song especially sticks with me, for one reason or another.

Human — Dodie
Yesss!! Dodie has a new EP coming out in January, and this is the first single from it — Human. It’s both adorably cute, and yet just muted enough to be emotive; give it a listen.

What are you listening to this autumn? Do let me know — I’d love to share and discover some new music along the way!

Kel XX

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