Celebrating Diversity Amongst Bloggers — The Interval

As anyone who has visited this blog in the last two months will undoubtedly be aware, I have been running, and proudly hosting, a diversity-based project, promoting diversity in background, personality and interests amongst our wonderful online community. The response to the project has been overwhelming, and much greater and more positive than I could have ever dreamed for — thank you. It’s been great to read and publish such amazing posts, and so heartwarming to read some of your lovely comments on said posts, whether they be in the comment section down below the posts, or on Twitter; you guys are some truly lovely people.

Celebrating Diversity Amongst Bloggers is, however, taking a short break — see it as an interval. We still have posts to publish, and I can’t wait to get them out there; however, I think that it’s best if we take a break from those, and return to them in a couple of weeks. This is partially driven by my own needs: I’m moving out to college in just over three weeks, and think that the first couple of weeks there are going to be hectic beyond my wildest dreams. Posting these posts then will keep content on this blog, and will cover me whilst I”m caught up in the whole making-friends, learning shit and sleeping cycle of a new environment. I hope this is OK with everybody — don’t worry, the project will return on 9th September!

Kel XX

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