Celebrating Diversity Amongst Bloggers — post 11

Post 11 (which is strangely satisfying, because the two digits are the same and … y’know?) is by the lovely Em. Em is one of the first bloggers I remember encountering (not in a weird scary way), and she is lovely. We have worked together on several projects, and I’m delighted that she chose to participate in this one too.

Who am I? A simple question, but one I’ve been pondering for a while. To give you the short answer: I’m Em, a British student blogger who writes mainly at http://www.yellowstheword.wordpress.com and occasionally on my French blog. I’ve just finished A Levels, and I am currently relaxing into perhaps the longest summer holiday of my life so far! I would describe myself as generally quiet person (although I wouldn’t say that if I met you in person because, y’know, I’m quiet!), but people who know me well will know that I can be crazy and loud and bubbly when I want to be.

I enjoy being creative, through blogging, painting/sketching and playing musical instruments, and am constantly looking for and finding inspiration in the world around me. I also love adventure and exploring new places and cultures, whether that be through travel, learning languages or international film and music – I think the world is a fascinating place and I have a constant desire to learn more about it.

At the moment, when I think of my strengths, I think in terms of academic strengths, as I’ve just spent two difficult years studying at sixth form. I think languages have become a strong point of mine throughout my education – I seem to have an aptitude and enthusiasm for learning different languages (we’ll have to see what my A Level results have to say about that though). I would also say that I am a caring person, and a loyal friend, or at least I try to be as much as possible. I really value my friends and try to do all that I can to help them in times of difficulty, so I hope that being a good friend is a strength of mine too. Also, I like to try to see situations from different perspectives to gain a wider view of the issue at hand and learn more about the world and society, and I think this helps me to show more empathy towards different people.

Currently, I am in a state of limbo, waiting for my A Level results before I head off to university in September. Luckily, I already know where I am going to study, as I received an unconditional offer for European and International Studies (French) – basically a politics and French degree with a fancy name – and I’m really excited for all the opportunities that university will offer me to grow as a person, in particular my year abroad.

Although I don’t really know exactly what I would like to do after university, I do have a sort of idea. I really love learning about the world, and I want to a create a life for myself where I can constantly learn about other people, cultures and countries. I also want to use my strengths to make a difference to people’s lives. I think at the moment, I’m interested in working for a non-governmental organisation or charity that operates in developing countries, such as Water Aid, for example. I’d like to spend some time working in francophone African countries, having a direct impact on people’s quality of life and using my language skills to form bonds with other cultures. However, I know that it may be difficult for me to pursue this as a career as most NGOs are volunteer-based. In the long term, I just want to strive towards finding a job and a life that gives me fulfillment and a purpose. On a personal level, I also aspire to have greater self-confidence, as I don’t want to allow low self-esteem to become an obstacle to me achieving my dreams. Right now, though, my main aspiration is to relax over the summer and recover from exams – physically and mentally – so that I am ready to survive fresher’s week 😂

Well, that’s just a small fraction of who I am but nevertheless, I hope it’s been informative – I’ve definitely learnt more about who I would like to be and what I would like to do through participating in Kel’s project! Au revoir mes amis!

Blog: yellowstheword.wordpress.com
Twitter: @yellow_em99

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