Celebrating Diversity Amongst Bloggers — Post 4

Post 4 — already! Here, we hear from Elin, a wonderful blogger who I know primarily from her blog and Twitter, but who I have met — albeit in passing — in person too. Her post is great, and I encourage you to check out her blog for more of her work!!

My name is Elin, I am 19-years-old (going on 20) and I’m currently studying a BA honours degree in Arts & Humanities (creative writing) with The Open University. I have an aptitude for writing and I aspire to pursue a career in the journalism field. One of my main interests is blogging, I have my own personal blog – My Blurred World – which I created back in 2015 and it consists of beauty, fashion, life and disability related topics. I also love music, I’ve learned to play a few instruments, my favourite being the harp. I also absolutely love going to concerts, there is such an incredible ora about everything at a live show and it manages to bring out all kinds of emotions. I have a true passion for things such as writing, music, beauty and fashion but I’m also really passionate about raising awareness of vision impairment and helping others in a similar situation to myself. This is one of the main reasons I created my blog and it’s what encourages me to keep writing about the conditions I live with.

Blog: myblurredworld.com
Twitter: @MyBlurredWorld

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