Celebrating Diversity Amongst Bloggers — Post 3

Post no. 3 comes from Caitie, who I met first on Twitter. Her post really made me smile and chuckle; I think you’re going to enjoy it.

I’m Caitlynne, Caitie for short. I’m 19, almost 20. I was born and raised in Oregon in the States. If you don’t know, Oregon is kinda known for being gay, and 99% of my friends are lol.
I used to really enjoy reading, but that love of mine has faded, not entirely though. You haven’t seen my bookshelves. My love of gaming has grown more, to the point of me wanting to create my own board game. The unofficial name for it is “A Week With Strangers”. Some things I’m good at include sitting around and watching stuff (Netflix, Youtube, Hulu), taking care of my ferret, and I’ve been told that I’m good at driving so I got that going for me.
Currently, I’m going to college for Web Design, while working at a local grocery store.
I definitely aspire to be a full-time blogger, board game creator, and freelance web designer. I also wish to own more ferrets, while maybe even fostering them.
Within my next year. I’ll be working, finishing college, and getting ready to move in with my boyfriend and our best friend, so they can be closer to school. Hopefully, I will pass the driver’s license test next month, and I’ll be able to start driving myself places because I very much dislike bumming rides off people lol.

Blog: sailorcaitie.blog
Twitter: @CaitieMadrigal

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