Celebrating Diversity Amongst Bloggers — Post 2

Our second post comes from Stella. I’ve known Stella both through blogging and otherwise for a couple of years now; I’m so happy she agreed to take part in this!

I am Stella. I was not born Stella.

My name is Colette Estelle. My surname has never been important to me, probably because it’ll end up changing anyway. I was born on the 5th of March 2001 with a genetic eye condition called microphthalmia, which means my eyes are underdeveloped and are therefore too small. Because of this, I later developed glaucoma as well. At 5, I started school and by the next year I was moved up to grade 1, something that isn’t normally done in south Africa. I spent the first 5 grades in a school for the visually impaired before moving to a mainstream school in 2012. Unfortunately, mainstream just didn’t work out. By the next year, I was back at my old school with my old friends. Around this time, I started questioning my sexuality. I mention this here, because it’s a huge part of who I am. At the end of that year, I told a friend I was bi, something I never expected I could do. For almost 4 years, that was how I labelled myself. I then realized that pansexuality existed. I looked into it, I spoke to people who identified as pan and that was it. It fit me so much better than bi ever had and suddenly I was this knew person. Around the time I switched schools, I also developed a lot of anxiety and depression. To those who knew me, it was obvious. To my family, well… they were blind to it. I’ve struggled with that for the past 5 years and though I can’t confidently say I’m doing amazingly well, I’m getting better. I have coping mechanisms now and I have a great support system.

Ever since I was young, I have had a love for music. My mom entered me in a music class when I was 18 months old. I did dance when I was young, I swam, I did horse riding and all in all I can honestly say my weeks were full and I loved it. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I’m blind and my parents weren’t willing to put me into boarding school, we moved and I had to stop all of that. I started to do music at school though: I learnt to play the recorder and piano, my singing improved, I was in a choir in both my schools and truthfully, music has been my one constant. Though I don’t do sports anymore, I have 2 provincial medals for swimming and some rosettes for horse riding stashed away somewhere. I also love to write and record videos for my Youtube channels.

I am currently finishing my last year of secondary education. I love maths, music and English and honestly, biology isn’t too bad either.

My short term aspirations are just to finish high school and to apply to university. I would like to get my youtube channel to 300 subscribers by the end of June and I want to plan videos for my other channel.

My long term aspirations are to finish university, obtain my masters in special needs education and early childhood development and to get my singing off it’s figurative behind. I want to work on my autobiography and potentially getting that out into the world as well. I want to get people to call me Estelle or some diminutive thereof. I want to marry and have children, as many children as I can. The world is my pizza, it’s my job to put the toppings on it.

Blog: maddi1paige.wordpress.com

Twitter: @rainbow_colette

One thought on “Celebrating Diversity Amongst Bloggers — Post 2

  1. Ahhhh this was so amazing!! I know Stella as well (as you know) and reading her life through her perspective was so interesting! Plus I love her youtube channel xx

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