Celebrating Diversity Amongst Bloggers — Post 1

So, here we are — post no. 1!! To kick us off, we have the lovely Hideaway Girl, who has been blogging for as long as I can remember; she’s absolutely brilliant!

When Kel tweeted this project, I almost immediately knew it was going to be a fantastic idea! He is always so fantastically creative with his blog and also being a massive inspiration to me with blogging. Anyways, I should get on with introducing myself. Hi, I’m Astrid and in this part of the internet, I’m a British blogger called Hideaway Girl which began in January 2016 (which still feels like yesterday). Starting my blog was probably the best decision I’ve ever made in my life; it’s expanded my confidence as a person and how I express myself. Blogging is something I love in my life and in some weird way, makes me more interesting as a person. When my GCSEs hit me this year, not blogging for a month was a big deal to me because I literally felt so apart from everything and I still feel like I need to get back into the blogging community again as I feel like exams sort of zombied me into a thing which would just revise and eat Big Macs continually. However, I’m back and during my time away, I’ve decided I need blogging to consistent in my life so during A-Levels, my goal for this blog is to keep writing on it even if I do feel stressed about school work. If I had the chance to be a blogger fanatically well, of course, I would take it up but I know that’s not going to happen so I aspire to go to university one day and study psychology with criminology. So that’s a short snippet of who I am as a person and I hope you enjoyed getting to know me! Thanks Kel for such a cool project.

Blog: hideawaygirl.com

Twitter: @hideawaygirl10

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