Quick Update + Announcement

Finally, summer has arrived. Here in England, we’ve battled the snow – or the ‘Beast From the east’ –, the huricanes (fine, gentle winter breezes), the snow again, and finally – FINALLY – our fortunes have changed for the better, and we find ourselves basking in the golden light not of Heaven, but of a really super-hot star a few million miles from earth.

Snazzy stuff.

I appreciate this weather, especially now; it’s a public holiday tomorrow in England, which means there is no school. Sure, I have to revise and work, but it’s always nice to be able to work in the garden, or take a break in the afternoon and go for a walk; it makes everything seem so much more positive and less depressing, somehow. I realise that, because it’s my GCSE year, and I’ll be spending the best part of fie weeks in a hot, stuffy room writing about ABSOLUTE SHITE, the weather of summer 2018, specifically 14th May – 21st June, will go down in history as the best British summer ever experienced. Alas, I will enjoy this weather whilst I can, and treat it in exactly the same way every Brit treats the weather, and in the same way I’m treating it right now: I will talk non-stop about the weather, the weather and nothing but the weather.

Isn’t it nice weather?


So, I need to start this post with some news. For me, it’s pretty sad news; for you, it’s probably relieving. I’m going to have to stop blogging for a little bit – take a hiatus, if you will. You see, I’m taking my GCSEs (external exams sat by all English and Welsh 16-year-olds), starting in just over a week. I don’t feel that I’m going tobe able to fit blogging around revision, exams and sleep, and although I think blogging would be a great way of de-stressing during exam season, it’s just not going to be practical for me to keep up.

My final exam is on 21st June, so look out for a return some time after then. I’ll be still active on Twitter, <a href=https://www.twitter.com/CouldBeKel/>@CouldBeKel</a>, so feel free to follow me on there for your regular dose of me. … OK that sounded wrong. Just take it with a pinch of innocence.


Since my last blog post (almost three weeks ago OOPS), I got a new iphone. If you follow me on Twitter, or have hung around this shady corner of the Internet since its beginning, then you’ll probably know that my relationship with technology is unstable, to say the least. Now picture me attempting to set up a new iPhone. Somehow, it’s still in one piece, which is more than can be said FOR MY SANITY.

Here are the list of questions I have for Apple, regarding the process of setting up a new iPhone:

  1. Why is EVERYTHING wrapped in thin sheets of plastic which, once placed upon a table, have an almost magical ability to stick, like glue, to anything and everything?
  2. Why, when logging into my apple ID, do you send a 6-digit code to my mobile phone, which I don’t have any more, because I have a new one and traded it in? Seriously…
  3. What is my Apple ID password, anyway?
  4. Why are your new iPhones so big? Asking for a TINY-HANDED individual…

Rant over.


Oh, oh, I nearly forgot!! I had the most awkward experience the other day on the bus. So, basically, I stepped onto the bus, and got my Guide Dog (more on her later) to sit beside me whilst I scanned my bus pass (disabled, not old). She sat, as good as gold, as I concluded that I couldn’t find the bus pass scanner. I asked the bus driver: “Excuse me, could you scan [my bus pass] for me please?”

As any good bus driver would, he agreed, and scanned it for me, before handing it back. I looked directly at him, and said: “Good girl.” I then looked down at Lacey, smiled, and said: “Thank you.”

I’m scared of catching the bus now, in case I see him again and he thinks I’m mad. I AM NOT mad.


I was thinking the other day. In the wake of all this ‘Facebook is spying on me’ drama, or ‘is trump’s government watching me’ confusion, I was wondering what my secret FBI agent would know about me.

They must know that I like a good onesie: I own three, and usually wear them when on my phone/laptop/iPad. Presumably they approve of my fashion choices, as they haven’t popped up to complain just yet – I’ll let you know if they do any time soon. I also like skinny jeans and jumpers all year round: I do need some new jeans though, so maybe they could do my online shopping for me? I am quite busy, after all.

I use a laptop in exams, to type; I can’t handwrite, full-stop. I mean, I can, but it’s messy and no one can read it. I was just wondering whether my agent could, like, Google the answers to my exam questions for me, and then just, like, make them appear on my screen for me? I’m pretty crappy at English Language Paper 1, Question 3, in case you were wondering, FBI…


Right, final thing: Lacey (my black labridor/retriever Guide Dog) has joined us on Twitter! She’ll be tweeting her thoughts/pics, so do make sure to give her a follow, <a href=https://www.twitter.com/CouldBeLace>@CouldBeLace</a>.


Well, that’s all I have to say. Sorry, but revision must commence once more – anyone particularly knowledgeable about chromatography?!

I hope you all have a great month or so, and don’t miss me too much; I’ll be back before you know it.


Kel XX

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