What’s That You’ve Got, KeL? | A Dive into My Bag

GCSE revision is killing me, I swear. Still, I’m going on the assumption that if GCSE revision seems like hard work and an absolute bore, then I must be doing it properly, right? School was definitely not designed to be ‘fun’ all the time: the fun seems to disappear alongside ‘Golden Time’. Oh, those were the days…

AND WET PLAY!! Who remembers Wet Play — what a lark!

Anyway, enough of that. I’m actually here today (like, here as in at my iPad, not ‘here’ as in SURPRISE OPEN YOUR FRONT DOOR I’M OUTSIDE) to write about a slightly more mainstream topic than what you’ve come to expect from me. I thought, just for the fun of it really, I’d talk about what I carry around with me at all times: my must-have going out stuff, if you like. A catchy acronym could be MHGOS, pronounced ‘muhhhh-goss’. Get it trending, guys.

I have a fairly diverse array of shit — sorry, ‘useful items’ — in my bag, most of which rarely leave said bag, both for convenience, and because I’m a walking-talking disaster when it comes to knowing where the heck i put my wallet, keys, phone, earphones, chargers, brain … etc.In My Bag…iPhoneIf my phone is not in my hand (like it ever isn’t…), then it lives in my bag. As I’m sure most teenagers do, I spend way too much time on my phone, a fact which has been true for quite some time now, but which i’ve only recently come to accept. I’m not basing my assessment on studies or some other bored scientists’ conclusions; I can see the effects of my phone use on myself, and I honestly think — and can prove through experience — that fewer ‘screen hours’ would lead to less stress and, generally, more smiles.In an effort to reduce the amount of time I spend online on my phone, I’m starting to stop leaving it on my desk. Instead, I’m keeping it almost exclusively in my bag, out of reach. Often, it is suggested that you should keep your phone out of your eyeline if you’re attempting to cut your usage, but i’m blind, so this wording doesn’t quite make sense for me. However, keeping the phone out of reach does seem to have an effect: i’m less inclined to mindlessly pick it up during a moment of nothing, and start scrolling through Twitter or Facebook. (Sorry Cambridge Analitica: u never gonna get dis boys data innit.)WalletMy wallet lives in my bag. And if you want it, then sorry, but no.Because, like most functioning bank-account holders, I keep my card in my wallet, keeping my wallet in my bag — or in a fixed location — means that I can fuel my online shopping addiction, as I always know exactly where my card is. No one’s got time to memorise 16 digits, amIright? Also, when the bloody Starbucks person doesn’t know how to accept ApplePay, I know that I can always dig out my card from my bag and enter those 4 digits that unlock my riches — LIKE AN ANIMAL.KeysDon’t lock yourself out, guys: it’s no fun, and you can’t make yourself a brew! God forbid…I have so many keyrings on my keys, it’s insane, but there’s reason behind my madness. The more keyrings on your keys, the easier they are to grab from within your bag (top tip for all you key-thieves out there). So, when you’ve just payed that taxi driver, and you’re walking up to your front door, you can avoid that awkward moment where the driver is staring at you with a mix of bemusement and pity as you fumble through your bag, searching for your key, which has inevitably sunk, like the Titanic, to the bottom of your bag/ocean. Genius, right?!Chewing GumI chew gum. I know, I know — I’m sorry. It acts as a way for me to fidget without being overly antisocial. I cannot sit still for prolonged periods of time; i just start to fidget, tapping my foot or drumming my fingers on my leg/the table/whatever really. Chewing gum seems to work for me, giving me something to do, if that makes sense?EarphonesDo I even need to explain? I need earphones in the same way trees need … what do trees need? Carbon dioxide, perhaps?I have my apple Earpods in my bag — I have nicer headphones which I prefer, but having a small, cheap pair in my bag for travel is perfect, keeping my more expensive and larger pair at home, for relaxed listening.Poo BagsDON’T YOU DARE EVEN THINK ABOUT MAKING A JOKE. They are for my dog — end of story.Dog BowlSee above.I have a collapsable dog water-bowl for my Guide Dog, which is perfect for if we’re out for a day, or slightly longer than I plan/she can go without water. I tend to keep a water bottle in there too, which is good to fill up when I can if we’re out for a day, for example; I’ll fill this up ahead of time if I know we’re going to be out for a long day, and might not have an ideal opportunity to refuel.Portable ChargerI Always keep a portable charger in my bag, in case of battery emergencies — we all know that moment of insane my-phone-has-1%-OMFG panic. I have an Apple Lightning cable in there too, which works with my phone and my iPad, depending on what I have with me/what needs the juice. It also works with the bluetooth keyboard that I almost exclusively blog with these days, and do a large amount of my work — both school and otherwise — on now. However, this keyboard WILL NOT DIE: I’ve been actively trying to kill its battery since I got it over 2 months ago, and I’m currently still at 85%.Fidget CubeFor Christmas last year, my parents gave me a fidget cube. For those who don’t know, a fidget cube is a cube (Sherlock, I tell you…) with a different thing to fiddle with on each face. There’s a dial, a switch, some buttons — you get the picture. It’s great if I’m a little bit stressed or anxious about something, or need something to distract me, or help me to ground myself. Sometimes, I neglect the ‘fidget’ aspect of it, and just hold it in my fist, tighter and tighter until it digs in. That calms me, somewhat.DeodorantBecause I’m a teenager and I stink OK???Comb/Hair WaxI still have no idea what look I’m going for in terms of my hair. Honestly, cutting it all of would actually make life simpler, but alas, I can’t do that. In the future, I plan to do something outlandishly eccentric, like colouring it blue or something, but in the meantime, I’ll keep trying with hair products. Yay…What else do you carry in your bag? Do you think there’s anything else that I should be carrying around with me? Do let me know!Kel XX

11 thoughts on “What’s That You’ve Got, KeL? | A Dive into My Bag

  1. I understand the GCSE pain. At least we’ve only got a month to go and then it’s over. In regards to my bag, I always have in it a phone, purse, earphones, pencil, an array of lip products and probably some useless junk 😂

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  2. Just gotta say, you should totally dye your hair blue!! I died my blue over Christmas it was great (while it lasted) 😝 you seem so prepared with your portable charger and stuff, I literally just stuff my bus pass, keys, phone and headphones in my coat pockets lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally want to do this, right after I leave my school with their snobby hair rules’. Luckily my college for September is so much more chilled!! Oh believe me I’m so unorganised OMG haha
      Also you can so tell that we’re Brits, with our bus passes 😂

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      1. Ew snobby rules! I’d love to dye my hair rainbow (the ultimate coming out statement lol) but it’d be expensive 😂 aww well you give the illusion of organisation so that counts! Ikr we’re practically OAPs already 😂

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      2. i am a pensioner and proud!
        That would be quite a statement — nothing like a bold move!! Also me being organised would basically be a confession of serious illness 😛

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      3. Me too! I’m official 81 years old and counting 😂it would be…quite a bank statement with the hairdresser bill, maybe one day haha. Yikes Doctor Kel might have to make a return!

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  3. The theory to keep your phone out of reach is actually really good. During my exams, after a whole lot of procrastination, when I finally decide to make myself study I keep my phone in another room. Another trick that works on me is using my phone until it’s charge is very low so I’ll have to charge it. I keep it to charge and work because I don’t like using my phone when it’s charging.

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