Long time, no speak, as they say. I mean for me, this has been a comparatively short break – just a week, right? School has been hectic, and I wasn’t around at the weekend to be beavering away at upcoming blog posts. I’m here now though, and we’re talking about Dodie!

For those of you who don’t know, Dodie is a British singer/songwriter/vlogger, who found fame on YouTube with her original songs and covers. You can check out her channel here — you won’t regret it, honestly.
I lov Dodie so, so much, for a whole host of different reasons. Sure, I didn’t discover her when she started out, but that doesn’t make me any less of a fan, believe me. I’m going to talk about some reasons why I think dodie is just fab here.

#1. Mental Health.
For me, Dodie has been a key figure in raising awareness of, and talking about, mental health, especially amongst young people. Dodie has depersonalisation disorder, which is a mental health condition. I don’t fully understand the effects of this myself, mainly because I can’t relate to it, but I think it is so, so important that awareness of this condition, and others like it, is raised. Dodie is incredibly brave, in my opinion, for sharing this side of herself on the internet, and I commend her for that: it can’t be an easy thing to do all of the time, but it helps so many people out there who can relate, or who have other mental health conditions, whether they realise it or not.
It makes a change to hear about people who you can relate to, talking about mental health. Being able to form a connection between yourself and the person on the screen helps so much, and Dodie is the first person who I feel I can relate to on some level.

#2. Music.
Dodie is, beyond a doubt, my favourite musician. I love her ukulele-playng – I’m secretly kinda jealous –, and her typically-minimalist style, notably in ‘Secret For The Mad’. Her lyrics, though, are something else entirely – they are incredible. It is super rare to find artists whose lyrics you can relate to, and whose songs stir up true, raw emotion inside of you. Dodie’s ability to do this, for me at least, is one of the reasons I love her and her music so, so much. It’s so apparent that Dodie writes songs from the heart, because her lyrics have so much meaning and sincerity, which is what really makes them the pieces of art that they are.
I would tell you my favourite song of Dodie’s. but they’re all fab! I think particular highlights for me, however, include ‘In The Middle’, ‘6/10’, and ‘When’, especially the live version on her intertwined EP.

#3. Vlogs.
I don’t know if she knows it or not, but dodie is absolutely hilarious. Sure: video editing can make things seem funnier than they really were, by cutting out the crap between the good parts, but to be that funny and likeable to an audience, you have to be that wonderful in real life too. If I’ve had a shitty day at school, or a difficult evening with friends or family, I always watch one of Dodie’s videos – past or present –, and they never fail to cheer me up. She’s just so relatable, and likeable, and it’s so refreshing to find someone on YouTube who seems… normal?
She’s not telling us how much money she has, or telling us to buy stuff that we can’t afford. She seems just like us: highlights and low-points, ups and downs, but always laughs, smiles and tears along the way.

Had you heard of Dodie before? Is there a celebrity or Internet personality you admire? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!!

Kel XX

4 thoughts on “I LOVE DODIE

  1. Yes! I love Dodie too! And everything you just listed down here explains my love for Dodie too. And I’m so happy now. And this is like how Dodie explained her love for La La Land. I think I should stop. Cause’ I could go rambling on about dodie.

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