L is Old | Happy Birthday to the Llama King

Dear L,

I remember when you were 8, on your first blind camp, and you were so adorable that I remembered you when we met the next year. That’s a great way to open a birthday post, isn’t it? Don’t worry, I don’t plan to embarrass you too much with cringe memories from our younger years. That’s only because for every one I tell about you, you’ll have three more to tell about me. I’ll be the one to reveal my own horrendous doings to the blogosphere, thank you very much!

I could write this in so many ways, from all sentimental to joking to how I’d write it if I was pretending to be formal but instead, I’ll write it my own special way. After all, you’ve put up with it for years. One more won’t hurt, right? Well i bloody well hope not, at least! You can send it back and ask for a refund if you hate it.

I’ve known you almost half my life and in that time, I can safely say I’ve grown as a person and that you have too, that we’ve been around to see that happening and even when we weren’t the best, we always picked ourselves up. You were the one who shoved me onto a train and then left me to be independent; you’re the one who encourages me to take 3 steps when I would have taken 1. I don’t know many people who are as self-reliant, independent and not boastful about all of that as you are. You go the extra 500 miles for someone just because you want to see them succeed and I love that.

It astounds me when I think you’re 16 because you’re so much more mature than, I think, you give yourself credit for. Whenever I read your posts I sob out of laughter, so just imagine a demonic-style Elm cackling the next time you write one, won’t you? It’ll be a great way to get over writers’ block..

Because we’ve been friends for so long, I want to list a few of my favourite memories of us. You’ve been in pretty much every important part of my life in one way or another, whether that’s actually being there, supporting me or being a great friend. However, there are some things I’ll never forget or that make me laugh/want to cry when I think about them.

In Paris, you proposed to the entirety of the Eiffel Tower’s second floor, danced the Cha Cha Slide and laughed with me until, I think,, we both cried

There was this time when we were 12 that you, my mum and I sang horrendous karaoke at Christmas

We walked your dog in the park a few months ago and you decided it was a great idea to attach her lead to me and pretend I was a dog – yes, I look like one but I AM HUMAN I PROMISE

When I was 11 and you were 9, we all had a cane fight on the stairs  on blind camp

We always used to call each other’s landlines because I had the world’s worst phone that I couldn’t use and we’d talk for hours, so much so that I now know your number better than I know mine

You’ve got me through London in one piece more times than I can count and I’d trust you so much more than I’d trust other people

Your cat tried to eat the pizza we’d bought – I love all your cats honestly

When we were younger, we used to send horrendous emails and recordings that are so cringe that I can’t think about them. We also used to be involved in the most petty, yet hilarious, drama ever that I bring up whenever I feel nostalgic

We’ll be in the same school next year, if all goes to plan. There, you’’ll have to put up with my annoying self even more! Yay!! Hopefully, I haven’t made you cringe too much but to be honest, a healthy bit of cringe always comes along with being friends with me.

Happy birthday, you wonderful human. You’re going to achieve fabulous things in your life and I can’t wait to hear about them. You won’t just cause a ripple, you’ll cause a whirlpool for so many people. You may be only 16 but you’ve always helped me and other people feel like they can do anything if they try. Except build a colony on the moon; I don’t think you could help me with that.

Lots of love,

From your favourite Elmtree xx

P.S: Seriously, jokes aside, you’re one of the best friends I could ever ask for and I admire you so much. Don’t forget that.

25 thoughts on “L is Old | Happy Birthday to the Llama King

  1. I’ve just cried my flipping eyes out, half in nostalgia and shame, and half in gratitude and happiness. Thank you for being the most wonderful friend and for sharing all of the mentioned memories with me; don’t worry, I can still recall the karaoke 😂
    Love youuuuu xxx


  2. Happy birthday guys!! Hope you’ve had a great day and the year ahead is even better! Your friendship is so brilliant and genuine, it’s so great to read about your memories together 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I read both of your posts and I can’t help but cry!! God you two are wayyy brilliant. I love your friendship and it was awesome to read this. Have a great great year both of you!! ❤❤

    Lotd and lots of love.

    Liked by 1 person

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