Happy Christmas to you all — yes, you! Like, you, reading this in your pyjamas whilst holding a half-eaten turkey sandwich (it happens to the best of us, don’t you worry).
I hope you are having a wonderful day, whether you’re celebrating Christmas or not. I hope you’re able to spend this day with friends and family — the ones you love most –, and that your day is full of Christmas cheer, merry (but not too merry) people, and food. because food is the key part of Christmas, right?
… Wait, what? There’s a baby involved? … and a stable? What???
Clearly I have some learning to be getting on with…

What do you usually get up to at Christmas? My family tends to stay at home, just the four of us (my parents, my sister and … wait, who’s the other one? Oh yeah — the most important one of all: me!), along with our three cats and, this year, my guide dog. We always open presents in the morning, although my mum (and secretly me too) insists upon having a cup of tea first, before any present-opening can take place. I AM NOT SCRUGE.
Then, we have scrambled egg with salmon; I literally never eat breakfast, but we do at Christmas — who knows why. did the wisemen bring, along with their other useless gifts, a McMuffin for Mary and her new-born baby? We take our gifts to our rooms, and meet again in the afternoon for Christmas dinner — last year was the first year that I had any kind of alcohol at Christmas, mainly through personal choice, and I fear (for my Twitter followers) that this year will be similar to last year… WINE IS GOOD OK?!
There’s so much great Christmas telly on every year, so the evening rolls around, and I’m watching British comedy, or Strictly Come Dancing, which lends itself to the festive season surprisingly well, actually.

Now, quick plot spoiler (shhh): I’m actually writing this post on Christmas Eve, because I won’t have the time to write it on Christmas Day… Forgive me, dear reader, but what’s a blogger to do?
I’m hoping I get a lie-in tomorrow, but I doubt that’ll happen — just until 8am, yeah? Please…
FUN FACT: In French, the phrase used in replacement of ‘a lie-in’ directly translates into English as ‘a fat morning’.

So, happy Christmas, to you all. Have a wonderful day, and I look forward to hearing all about what you got up to later on in the week, or on Twitter. Remember to enjoy the company of the people you’re spending time with — I won’t be taking my phone downstairs to open presents tomorrow, as I find it better to switch off from technology when sharing these moments with family.




  1. I feel like this captures the mood perfectly – is it even Christmas if you get out of your pjs before midday? And have way too much of one meal, then snack for the rest of the day… Have a good Christmas! 😊

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  2. Merry Christmas!! I’m currently trying to study for my final which is in two days *sigh*
    Good thing I don’t celebrate Christmas? Anyway, have a great day!


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