BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day23: Word Search

My final day of Blogmas everyone! Of course, there’s still one more day, with Em as your delightful host, but today is sadly where I’ll be signing off of my Blogmas duties for the run-up to the big day itself.
Our final Blogmas idea for you is a fun-themed word search – but, to liven things up a little, the words are a mixture of French and English. Because of technology not being as simple as printed paper, I list below the ways in which I have hidden words.
Forwards, with alternate letters (i.e: the word ‘cats’ might be written as ‘chaktxs’)
Backwards, with alternate letters (i.e: the word ‘cats’ might be written as ‘sxtkahct’)

All words in both English and French are Christmas-related. There are seven in all for you to find – make sure to comment down below which ones you spotted, and what their translation is in the other language (no Googling!)


Found them all?
I’ll be back with you on Christmas Day itself – because that’s what friendship’s all about!! If we don’t speak before then, though (because I appreciate that Christmas is a time for family and friends, and not for lonely, insignificant British bloggers), have a wonderful 25th december. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, just have a wonderful day, whatever you’re up to!


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