Blogmas #20: The Nativity of Christmas Yet To Come

Yellow's The Word

Hello! I am typing this after having been struck by tinselitis (most likely a cold but it did suspiciously start after we covered the house in tonnes of tinsel the other day, but tinselitis sounds more festive??). Anyway, I’m not quite with it so this could turn out very…interestingly? I’m going to rewrite the Nativity story in the name of Blogmas and put my own spin on it.

The Nativity of Christmas Yet To Come

Bleeep bleep bloop. “Moon to Space Lodge 3000, moon to Space Lodge 3000, do you have a room to spare for the night? My wife saw a shooting star last night and now she’s convinced she’s going to have a child?”

“Blip blip bleeep,” a green and purple spotted creature gurgled done the high-tech futuristic phone me that I can’t be bothered to name.

“Oh, there’s no room?” The astronaut sighed. “This is the fifth…

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