BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day17: Q&A

This is, like, the first Blogmas post I’ve stressed over, which is my own fault in fairness: I, um, totally-didn’t-forget to write it.
But it’s here now – I present to you: Blogmas Q&A!

From: Megan and Michelle
Q: What is your favourite Christmas film?
A: As you may know, Em and I both wrote posts on our Christmas film favourites. However, since writing that post, I’ve rewatched Home Alone and Paddington, so can we call them joint favs? OK?

From: Janet
Q: Do you prefer staying at home for Christmas or going on holiday?
A: NGL, I’ve never been on holiday for Christmas; the closest I’ve ever come to that is going to Brighton on Boxing Day… Not quite the same. I think being at home for Christmas is better, because there’s less pressure to be presentable etc, and plus, home is home… and comfy beds are comfy beds…

From: Michelle
Q: What’s your favourite ornament on your tree?
A: * Hides face * we still haven’t put up our tree. Blame the fam… innit (it’s my cool-London persona)
I like all the crappy ornaments that my sister and I made in primary school – you know, the ones that are genuinely awful, but hold unpresidented amounts of sentimental value? I love those.

From: Elm
Q: What would your nightmare Christmas tree look like?
Pine needles everywhere, mess on the carpet … it’d drive me mad! I appreciate their beauty and whatevs, but let’s just stick with artificial, yeah?

From: Elm
Q: What would you prefer to be: Santa or an elf?
A: An elf, obvs. I mean I’m short, helpful, and who has the time/effort/airmiles to fly around the world once a year, delivering presents to undeserving, sniffling children? (All kids have colds, right?)

From: Bethany
Q: Is ther one Christmas tradition that, if you didn’t do, it wouldn’ feel like Christmas?
A: I think putting up the Christmas tree, with the soundtrack of the same weird Christmas song playlist. Every household has THAT one Christmas album, don’t they, with the songs that nobody’s ever heard of, but that are apparently the ‘Nation’s favourites’.
Sure, whatever you say…

So, there you have it – Christmas Q&A! I’m feeling super Christmasy now; I’m off to put up my tree! Thanks to everyone who submitted questions – they were ace!


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