Blogmas #16: A Christmas Poem

Yellow's The Word

Hellooooo! Today I’ll be sharing a Christmas poem that I have attempted to write (oh what wonderful (not) memories of GCSE English lit poetry exams…). Anyway, I was trying to think of how to go about writing a Christmas poem – I mean, normal poems are hard enough! – so I decided I’d just start writing and go with the flow, so let’s see how this turns out (badly, probably).
An iridescent, luminescent flake of snow,

Weaves it’s way to the ground, swirling round.

Passers by walk on, following the trail of multicoloured orbs,

Strung from trees, in the place of leaves, swaying gently in the bitter breeze.

Full of laughter and joy ever-after,

Gaggles of people are wandering, children pondering,

If the snow is bound, to stick round. More snowflakes fall without a sound.

A dog plods along, to an orchestra’s merry song,

It’s fur glistens, as the people…

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