BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day9: Festive Drinks (Because THEY’RE A Thing Now)

Wow… Is it really the ninth already?! I feel like I’m just not Christmassy enough yet — letting the side down I know. I’m British: stiff -pper-lip, and all that other bollocks, isn’t that right Brits?
Someone came up to me and told me ‘That joke’ (Christmas & Brexit?), which is both (a) not funny and (b) old. And still not funny.
“There’s too much politics going on at the moment!” … #BrendaFromBristol
Look it up.

Today, though, we’re talking about beverages — I can use long words too, you know! Haters, skedaddle. (Nine letters right there.)
This is definitely a post for the Brits out there, but if you aren’t familiar with the brand which I’ll be writing about today, don’t worry — just imagine what I’m describing, yeah?

Costa Christmas Drinks — Reviewed by Me, L!
Costa Coffee is a coffee-shop chain here in the UK, and it’s bloody amazing all year round. Nothing, however, can beat Costa at Christmas: it’s Christmas menu (early November) marks the True Commencing of Christmas. I have made it my mission to try as many of Costa Coffee’s Christmas drinks as possible, without getting (a) diabetes or (b) into debt.

Honeycomb Latte
I’m a strong believer in putting coffee in everything: cake, ice-cream, my cup…
Putting honeycomb into coffee, however, brings my obsession to a whole new level! Sure, it’ll kill me, I’ll get fat and ill but it’s SO. DAMN. GOOD! There are even these lil honeycomb pieces they put in, for extra fun/calories! It tastes amazing though…

Billionaire’s Hot Chocolate
Not gonna lie, this one is just a bit too sweet for me, but don’t get me wrong, it’s still really good, and I certainly wouldn’t turn it down. I don’t normally go for festive-flavoured hot chocolates, but I’ve really embraced them this year, and feel all the better for doing so. (My bnk account doesn’t though…)

Black Forest Hot Chocolate
Before I review this, funny-yet-ridiculous story. I was stood in Costa, waiting to order this drink for the sole purpose of reviewing it in this post. In front of me in the queue were two Year 7s (11/12-year-olds); they have younger legs than mine (by four years), so of course they got there first damnit. One of them clearly had the intension of ordering the same drink as I did, but decided to turn to his friend first and ask: “isn’t calling it a ‘Black’ Forest hot chocolate racist?”
Political correctness gone mad, my dear readers…
This drink, despite its (apparently) potentially-racist name, is delicious! I actually really dislike cherries; I don’t like them at all. But when the taste of cherry is mixed with pretty much anything else, I absolutely adore it, and this drink is no exception to that rule. I like the combination of flavours, and by including a fruit, Costa have (successfully) tricked me into thinking that I’m being healthy.

Bonus: Starbucks’ Fudge Hot Chocolate
I have no idea if this drink is in Starbucks across the world, but it’s definitely in the UK, and deserves a mention. Fudge is, in my opinion, the very essence of life itself. My friend introduced me to this one, and I’m so glad they did: fudge and chocolate is a match made in sugar-heaven. Yum…

So, there’s my review of festive drinks available in the UK this year — which is your favourite? I’ve missed some from my list, both from Costa and other shops too, so if I’ve missed your favourite, let me know in the comments below!
Also, Em and I are still open to questions for our Christmas Q&A — any questions you have, stick in the comments below any of our Blogmas posts, or tweet them using the hashtag #LAndEmBlogmas


4 thoughts on “BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day9: Festive Drinks (Because THEY’RE A Thing Now)

  1. I’ve actually never been to Costa before….*hides*
    Like I always hear everyone going on about how nice everything is there but I’ve never been! Coffee shops are a waste of money in my mum’s eyes😂

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