Blogmas #8: Festive Films

Yellow's The Word

Hello! Welcome back to the next installment of mine and L‘s joint Blogmas. Today I’ll be sharing my favourite Christmas-related films!

I have to say I’m not into Christmas films as much as I used to be, but I still have some firm favourites that I try to watch each year.



I’ve watched the first and second Nativy! films SO MANY TIMES and I just love them?? They’re funny, emotional and original – what more could you want??

The Polar Express


As I mentioned in my festive playlist post, The Polar Express has been a favourite of mine for years! It’s the one film we all (try to) sit down together and watch at Christmas as it’s such a heart-warming story.



Okay, I know Paddington isn’t exactly a Christmas film, I’m sorry but I just love it so much AND it does snow at the end of…

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2 thoughts on “Blogmas #8: Festive Films

    1. Paddington (1&2) is amazing!! I didn’t include it in my top Christmas films because I don’t associate it with Christmas, but on second thoughts, I suppose it has that heartwarming, cute mood… X


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