BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day7: Christmas Films

When Christmas time arrives each and every year, Christmas doesn’t just ‘start’; it takes over.
Music, books, TV, decorations, conversation … and films!!
There are some brilliant Christmas films, and then there are some … uh, not-so-brilliant ones. We all know the ones I mean, with the cheesy Christmas-themed jokes and storylines that leave you thinking ‘so… what actually just happened?’

Elf is probably my favourite Christmas film. Or, at least, the first 56 minutes of Elf is my favourite Christmas film.
‘Why so precise?’ you might ask. If you grew up in the British education system, you will — perhaps nostalgically — remember watching Christmas films on the last day … OK two days … OK week before the Christmas holidays. What no teacher takes into account, however, is that no Christmas film is short enough to be fully completed and enjoyed in a single ‘maths’ lesson. So, for the last five years or so, I have repeatedly watched the first 55-57 minutes of Elf, sometimes more than once per day. I still have no idea what happens in the end!

My inner kid (fine, just L in general) loves this film — what could be better than watching a sing-along Christmas film … all year round.
‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’ … IN SUMMER!! Still, I love Frozen. It’s such a childish-yet-heartwarming film, and there’s snow. I’m British, and I consequently dream of that white, fluffy snow…Haters, just Let It Go.

* Quick note: why are the best Christmas films all just one word? Strange… *

Love Actually
OK, I hold my hands up: this is not a Christmas film. But let’s be honest: if you don’t watch this film AT LEAST once around the festive period, then WHO ARE YOU? Love Actually is the sweetest, most fabulous film ever, and it’s always on at Christmas and I love it and I think Santa would like it to if I’m being honest which I am.
Watch it.

Yeah… So… I’m outa good Christmas films. There are just loads of kinda-OK ones, and a couple of outstanding ones (as above). What’s your favourite Christmas film?
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5 thoughts on “BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day7: Christmas Films

  1. Love Actually definitely counts as a Christmas film! It’s one of the best things about Christmas! Elf, though, I haven’t seen at all – I relate to the pain of only seeing an hour of a film at a time though

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