BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day3: Christmas Dislikes

The holiday season is wonderful — it is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year. (Wow, L … Just wow.)
But it has its drawbacks, its low points, its baggage — like unwanted baggage in an obligatory relationship.

a. Busy Supermarkets.
Supermarket shopping is a nightmare at the best of times: trolley dash seems fun at first, until you realise that everyone else is playing the same game, and it’s suddenly turned from fun, self-invented challenge to full-on competative sport. At Christmas, the stakes are higher, because if you don’t get that last turkey, then God bless the person who does, because they’re in shit. Of course, this is Britain, and so the worst we’d do is give the offender a dirty look. Americans, so I hd’ are very different animals; I’ve seen Black Friday, you know?
And how, may I ask, do supermarket products that belong in the ‘Washing’ section somehow make their way to ‘Fruit & Veg’ at Christmas time? How bad are indecisive shoppers at putting back unwanted products? Is there someone out there who TRULY treats Fairy Washing-Up Liquid as ‘Confectionary’?
You OK hon?

but. Happiness.
Don’t get me wrong — I love people at Christmas; I love the smiles and laughter and joyful spirit. What I don’t love, however, is my bus driver yelling: ‘Good morning!’ every morning, starting on 1st December, because ‘it’s Christmas’. It’s scary, unsettling, and too much at 7:13 am.
Or shop assistants, who suddenly become all cheerful and not miserable/sixteen-years-old, and you begin to think that maybe they’re quite nice people actually. And then, they trick you into taking your clothes which you only tried on to be polite to the check-out, and suddenly they’ve manipulated you into spending £70 and they’re evil and scum I tell you, SCUM.

can. Pushy Festive Emails.
‘We hope you’re OK’
‘Shhhh, we have a secret for you…’
‘How are things?’
These aren’t well-wishers sending me cards for an imaginary accident I didn’t have, although they could easily be mistaken as such. Nope, these are pushy festive emails, from brands who want my business at Christmas. STOP. TRYING. TO. MAKE. ME. BUY. SHIT. THAT. I’ll. REGRET. FROM. YOU!
One even had the audacity to approach me without false pretence, by sending an email with the subject: ‘WHERE ARE YOU?’

So, there are my Christmas dislikes… Scruge, go back to your shed, OK mate?
Don’t forget to ask your L&A questions for Em and me; you can comment them on any Blogmas post of ours, or tweet them with the hashtag #LAndEmBlogmas.


8 thoughts on “BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day3: Christmas Dislikes

  1. But.. Christmas! I essentially said the same thing on Em’s post, that I just adore this time of year too much to have anything I don’t like. Be happy! It’s CHRISTMAS! I need that festive joy in my life, even too early in the morning. Emails I understand, but even then, yes I WILL browse unnecessary Christmassy things, as long as I know I have the self restraint to delete everything out of my cart at the end

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