BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day1: Christmas Favourites

It’s December — the month of festivities, of smiles and laughter and Christmas and snow but wait this is England … OK not snow. But all the other stuff, which is alright I suppose. As it’s 1/ December, and I’m writing a Blogmas post, I think it’s fair to conclude that L has been given the honour of kicking off L and Em’s Blogmas 2017!!
Today, I’m going to be talking about my favourite things about Christmas… Let’s go!

a. Christmas music.
I know, I know — controversial. I meet so many people who, at the first play of ‘Santa Baby’, roll their eyes and take out their earphones, clearly prefering some other tunes during the holiday period. I, on the other hand, feel something really special when those first 13 (yes, I counted) notes of ‘All I Want for Christmas’. Excitement — I feel pure excitement in my stomach, and I love it.
Christmas music is the absolute best. From 1/ December — and sometimes a tad bit earlier (like, a tiny bit … like August or something) —, I know my usual playlist of Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and musical soundtracks will be replaced with songs from years ago — ‘Last Christmas’, ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day’ — heck, even ‘Jingle Bells’!
However, I do feel sorry for people working in retail: I can’t imagine how much you guys must hate Christmas music; you hear it on loop ALL FLIPPIN’ DAY, right the way from September through to mid-January.

but. Cliches.
Wrapping up in a dressing gown, clutching a steaming mug of hot chocolate, reading a nice long novel … it’s a winter thing, right? But being a full-time student, the only time I have to do this in winter is at Christmas time. And so, these cliches are one of my favourite things about Christmas, despite being nothing to do with ACTUAL Christmas.
Still, it’s so good to just enjoy those cliches; they’re iconic for a reason, right?

can. Christmas markets.
If you’ve never visited a Christmas market, you have to get out there and find your nearest one, like now! For starters, the atmosphere is amazing: happy people (fine, usually happy old people) milling around, talking to local vendors, and trying new apparently-Christmas-themed foods (German sausage, anyone?)
You find all sorts at a Christmas market: true, some of it is a bit naff, but there are some hidden gems in there, if you look hard enough…

do. Food.
I’m not talking about the traditional Christmas foods: turkey, roast potatoes, Christmas pudding (YUCK). No, I’m talking about the strange stuff that only seems to pop up around Christmas time: fresh doughnuts, from those cute Christmas markets; trifle (how is that Christmas related?); that ice-cream with three different flavours… Those kinda foods are amazing — not Christmas-themed really, but signify Christmas just as much as the trees and shitty jumpers.

every. Shitty jumpers.
Those Christmas jumpers are awful — come on, you have to admit it. But they’re one of my Christmas highlights, simply because of how awful they are. Glow-in-the-dark reareer jumpers — glow-in-the-dark jumpers in general — would never, EVER sell in any other month; December rolls around, and those things are flying of the shelves like hotcakes! And those jumpers that you press and they make a noise — what’s that about? That’s basially an invitation to be touched up — bloody hell, guys…

There we have it: Blogmas, Day 1, complete!! But that’s not all…
Em and I will be completing a Christmas Q&A, and we need your questions! If you have questions that you’d like us to answer — preferably Christmas-related, but if you’re dying to know anything else, I mean go for it —, comment down below on any of Em’s or my Blogmas posts, or tweet either of us: #LAndEmBlogmas


9 thoughts on “BLOGMAS 2017 — #Day1: Christmas Favourites

  1. C\hristmas markets make me so so happy! Hot chocolate too 🙂 ahh it’s great! Also I may or may not have just counted the notes to All I Want for Christmas Is You and you’re right, there are 13.

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  2. I so know what you mean about Christmas foods! We have Sampler biscuits, which are just boxes of a bunch of different types of biscuits – why only at Christmas? Who knows? I don’t know if we have Christmas markets here, but I need to find one if we do, they sound magical!

    Liked by 1 person

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