My Reputation’s Never been worse

The fanboy in me hasn’t made an appearance on my blog as of late.
I mean, ‘me’ in general hasn’t been making much of a splash on MY OWN blog, but hey-ho, every blogging comeback has to come from somewhere, right?
… Every splash starts with a ripple? OK, OK, I’m working on it …

After 3 painfully long years, Taylor Swift is back in my life and it is genuinely one of the highlights of my autumn so far which either means that I’m really sad or that Taylor Swift is amazing and I mean both are true but let’s just pretend that the first one isn’t true because I want to seem cool and relatable for my audience if that’s Ok WITH YOU.
If you haven’t yet heard Reputation – which for some reason Taylor is decapitalising, essentially demoting its status from a proper noun, which is unfair TBH –, you are missing out like get yourself on that Reputation train guys, because it’s leaving without you. I know, I know: it’s not on spotify or Apple Music or Amazon or anything, but I’m sure it will be, at some point, and until it is, you have my summaries to judge it by.
It’s good.
Like, Good.
Summary over.

Can we just look at swift’s skills not as a songwriter, but as a song-titler? (Is that a job? I hope it is… bc I’m never gonna get employment otherwise LOL k bye.)
‘I Did something Bad’ is an example of a song title that I think we need to discuss. What kind of a title is that?!?! ‘I Did Something Bad’ – me too Taylor, me too. Did you steal a towel from the Premier Inn, ‘cause honestly same. Or did you, like, really subtly-‘n’-gently step on yur cat’s lil paw and now he/she’s upset and offended? (that’s what Elly thinks…)
Or, maybe – worst of all –, did she fail GCSE Computer science BECAUSE SAME. Well that got bitter very quickly.

‘Don’t Blame Me’ … for what, Taylor? I mean, you’re kinda implying that it’s your fault TBH, so let’s start guessing…
Don’t Blame taylor Swift For:
World war III
Bad weather
Those little cookie notices on EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE ARGHHH
Dangerous drivers
Donald Trump

‘Call It What You Want’
You invited me to, taylor…
Tea? Plant water.
Plate? Food slate.
Donald Trump? … Let’s not go there.
Rugby? Anger management … LIVE.

I’m, like, slightly obsessed with Reputation; I’m really enjoying the number of songs that are perfect to turn up really loudly, and scream-sing along to, in a kind of bitter, this-could-be-directed-at-you-but-you’ll-never-know kind of way. Also I think this album ontains the first song I remember in which Taylor Swift swears – she’s finally an adult guys, yay!

Anyways, there’s your quick update de moi… I will be back blogging properly again soon: Christmas is almost here, and you know what that means…


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