Let’s Paws, For A Quick Update

Woah … life is CRAZYYY!! How are we all doing? It feels like ages since I last wrote to you; I published a post on Sunday, but wrote it on Friday, so I haven’t technically written to you since Friday — almost a week ago.
Before I get started, I’d just like to say an absolutely huge thank you to all of you, for your lovely comments on my last couple of posts. Both of them have been about big, important things to me, and I am overwhelmed by how supportive and truly wonderful you guys are. Love you all!!! XXX

I thought you might like an update on how things are going with my new friend, roommate and shadow — of course, it’s my guide dog. If you follow me on Twitter (if not why not?), or if you don’t have Twitter, keep a tab on my feed, you’ll have seen that I posted a cheaky lil pic of my new doggy and me last week — if you haven’t seen it already, CHECK IT OUT!! She’s adorable, no bias or anything.
We started training this week, after she moved in last Friday. Honestly, I’m so, so happy — almost unbelievably so. I was expecting stress, fatigue and a lack of sleep, but that simply hasn’t been the case.

Again, no bias or anything, but she is absolutely amazing — the cutest, most puppy-like dog ever! Playing with her is really enjoyable: she loves to bring me over her bone, and wag her tail excitedly whenever she feels I might give in to her, and play ‘fetch the bone’. However, she is also super chilled — as I write this, she’s lying on the floor behind me, bone in mouth, resting up before our day of training ahead. And at night, she settles down, uses her nose to nudge my hand from her bed on my bedroom floor, and then drifts off into NodNodLand (i.e. sleep).
She’s settled in super quickly, and living alongside her isn’t a buden or an annoyance — it’s … fun!

Even less than a week in, I can feel it already. I am beginning to feel a bond, a connection between my dog and me. In the mornings, when I get up, it fills me with so much happiness to have her get up, tail wagging, coming over to say “good morning”. These days, I’m excited to have a full day ahead, because I know that there is someone else going through it with me, every step of the way. Maybe that sounds mental — I don’t really know, and frankly, I don’t really care. I’m just so happy that things are going well, and that I think that I have a new friend…


24 thoughts on “Let’s Paws, For A Quick Update

  1. I read this while my own dog’s head was resting on my lap. You’ll enjoy it for sure, my dog is seriously better than any person. (I’m going to stop myself now because I can and will talk about him for hours and at some point I’d start screaming). Duncan (my dog) and I wish you the best of luck and many tail wags πŸ’™πŸΆ

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