Seven Billion

It’s odd, isn’t it, that there are around seven billion people wandering around on this planet of ours. Seven billion is an incomprehensibly large number — think about it, and try to imagine seven billion people all in one place, at one given time. That is one complex seating plan…

Individually, we are all just one. We are one in seven billion — one drop of water in an ever-expanding ocean. You are just one.
Thinking about it in this way, it’s easy to see your own words, actions and thoughts as irrelevant, unnecessary or worthless; I’m sure, like me, that you feel this way from time to time. By using logic, truthfully, you’re right: one person’s actions in a group of seven billion isn’t likely to have a huge effect — think of it like a tug-of-war. How can you have an impact when there are seven billion people, all trying to do something, to say something, to make themselves heard over the chitter-chatter of everybody else?

On the other hand, there’s the theory that together, seven billion people can do a heck of a lot of really good stuff. “Two brains are better than one” is an expression thrown around whenever someone makes the slightest objection to working in a team, and has almost become cliche. It holds true though: working together, whether it be in a pair, a small group, or as a society, we can achieve so much more than we can alone. But teamwork has to start somewhere, and I can guarantee that teamwork always starts with someone — one person, in seven billion, just like you and me.
And then, there are celebrities. Like you and me, they are “one in seven billion” (a phrase which I’m liking the sound of, and hence am using without limitation). However, it is impossible to deny that the actions of celebrities have an effect on people across the world, causing ripples in different areas of society. If celebrities can do that, so can I, and so can you: there is nothing stopping you, one in seven billion, from making your words, your actions and your thoughts have an effect, and mean something.

Long time readers of my blog will know that I believe in everyone, as long as you are kind, caring, and want to make the world a better place. Consequently, I believe in each and every one of you: you are all amazing, inspirational individuals, even if you don’t recognise it just yet. What really makes me smile, though, is the thought — and in fact the reality — of you brilliant people working together, to create something magical. And that’s exactly what you’ve done — that’s exactly what we’ve done, in this community. Together, we’ve created a place — an online space — where we can share, we can be kind to one another, and we can make the world a better place.
And it all comes back to that key phrase: one in seven billion. Each of us is just one in seven billion, but together we are so much more than that. We each contribute our bit, and we create something bigger, and something that collectively, we can be proud of. Together, we created this space.
That’s incredible.


15 thoughts on “Seven Billion

  1. This was such an eye-opening post! It’s left me just thinking “Wow!” and considering everything you’ve just said… taking it all in and really thinking about what it means, what impact we could all have on the world if we realised, like you have, that we all have a role to play, that we can all create the change we want if we’re brave enough to speak out about it and create an opportunity to make people listen. I know that overall you were talking about the blogging community but I think what you said goes much, much deeper than that! Thank you so much for writing this post and making me think about the real impact I could have on the world. The real change I, and everyone else, could influence if we all tried harder. I’ve been very inspired by this post and have found it very enlightening! 🙂

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    1. Awwww I am so so glad that this post had that effect on you. Although I used the example of the Bloggosphere, you are right: this applies to all areas of life and society.
      Thank you XX

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  2. This is such an inspirational price of writing – you’ve filled me and I’m sure many others with even more love and warmth.towards the blogging community. You’re writing style is honestly so unique and wonderful; the way you chose words carefully and put them together as if your painting a picture of your thoughts amazes me every time! X

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  3. I agree when I first started blogging it was mostly because of my sister, I wasn’t looking for such great friends or such a great refuge here, maybe because I hadn’t known such a thing existed here or maybe because I just hadn’t experienced it yet but this really describes our corner of the blogosphere… missed reading your beautiful posts so much ❤ *wheeze*

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    1. I completely agree. It’s often said that “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone”, but it’s also worth remembering that you don’t know what you’ve been missing until you have it.
      Thank you so so much 🙂 XX

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