… And Breathe

As a student, I often find myself quite stressed, anxious or just generally overwhelmed by the comings-and-goings of school life. On top of that, every student has a social life, which despite being enjoyable, adds an extra layer of complication and stress to life. Even if you aren’t a student any more, life doesn’t get any less stressful — or so I’m told.
It can be difficult to deal with anxiety and stress: personally, I find that, “just take a deep breath” only comes to mind two hours after the stressful ordeal, when I’m lying face-down on my bed, punching a pillow and listening to ‘I Will Survive’ at full volume on my iPod. However, I do have some techniques that I use to help myself calm down after a long, difficult day, and I thought that I would share them with you.

a. Have a warm drink
Personally, I find that sipping at a mug of tea after a long day really helps to slow my brain down and relax. I guess sipping at a hot drink (I find that herbal tea works the best for me) helps me to calm down; I suppose it’s because you can’t gulp down a mug of steaming-hot tea in three seconds flat, if you have any of respect of your throat and tongue, anyway. I would suggest trying herbal teas, earl grey or just an everyday normal brew — see what works for you.

but. Listen to some music
In moments of non-stress, i.e when I’m procrastinating, I find myself collating a playlist of my favourite music, which I can then listen to when I’m a bit wound-up. I make sure not to include any music that’s too “heavy”: anything even slightly rock-like or heavy on the drum-kit doesn’t tend to make the cut.
Listening to music that you like can take your mind off your problems, and help you relax and unwind. I find it best to shuffle the playlist each time I need to use it, to make it less predictable, more engaging and less dull.

can. Get some fresh air
It’s bizarre, but just moving out from the confines of the indoors can really help me chill out. Cliche, I know, but there is no denying that there is just something about fresh air that just … works. Whether you find that sitting in your garden does the trick, or (like me), taking a walk is more your thing, getting some time away from the dull familiarity of your room can really help to clear your mind, and make things less stressful on the surface.

do. Pacing, pacing, pacing…
This is guaranteed to, at the very least, transfer your stress to somebody else. In my case, it also relieves me of stress, but drives my entire family CRAZY (aside from one of my three cats, who takes to stalking me like a predator around my house). The constant movement would be assumed by many to raise my stress levels, but I disagree: it helps me to focus, and concentrate on something else. If you’re home alone (so as not to annoy any parentals), just have a walk around your house — if you’re stressed out, that is. Now, be aware, this might not work for you: I know more people who get so frustrated by this than those who actually find it useful. Still, anything’s worth a go, right?

So, there you go: L’s tips for stress relief. I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’d love to hear if you try any of these techniques, and whether they work for you.
What do you find works best to help you unwind? Is it on this list?


11 thoughts on “… And Breathe

  1. I needed this SO much right now. I like to go out on walks when I’ve had a stressy day or just have some hot chocolate, read and listen to music – like you suggested! You always seem to write posts just at the point when I’m in need of them so thank you for that xx

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    1. I never actually noticed I was doing it for ages; I just kinda assumed that it was part of my undiagnosed-but-obviously-present ADHD. I’m glad it helps you too, though 🙂

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  2. Hi L, it’s me again ! I pace, but in my mind, not physically. I lie down and imagine the house or rooms I want to go around and do so in my head. I use this technique if I have to have something like a CAT Scan which freaks me out, so I take myself off to a place I love and pace around it – and they never know !! Great recommendations though !

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