My Lil Adventure

I would have written this post several days ago, but life has been hectic: I’ve hardly been at home this week, and I just haven’t had the chance to sit down and write something worth reading. I write this as I’m sat on my bed, stroking my cat and subtly bopping along to S Club’s greatest hits… Yup, this will be worth reading, OK?

On Wednesday, I went on a TINY (two-and-a-half hour) train journey, in order to meet one of my favourite blogging beans (i.e people), Elly, in the general Yorkshire area. It was absolutely brilliant — I had a fabulous day, and I hope that Elly enjoyed it just as much as I did. It really sunk in just how great blogging is in reagrds to making new friends, and meeting new people: I guess that only really hit me on Wednesday, when I was strolling round a shopping centre in FarmLand (sorry, Yorkshire — my mistake).

Before I’d even left for EverythingIsCheaperThereLand, something slightly cringey happened. I got to the right platform in London, and boarded the train on that platform. Nobody told me that there were two trains on that platform; I’d hopped aboard the train at the back of the platform (leaving after the one at the front), which was not going to ‘The North’, instead heading to Cambridge. Pretending that NOTHING EVER HAPPENED, I swiftly alighted Cambridge-bound train, and boarded my train — panic over. As I found my seat, however, I realised that — wait, someone was sat in it already.
“Excuse me, Sir, but I believe you’re in my seat,” said a seemingly-calm-and-sophisticated-but-actually-dead-nervous L.
“Yes…” said Mr SeatStealer.
|”Could I sit in it?”
I finally got my seat — relief!

So, no lie: I was kinda-which-menas-very nervous before travelling up to ‘The North’; it’s one thing meeting people off the Internet, but it’s quite another meeting people off the internet 100+ miles from home, after a two-and-a-half hour high-speed train journey. Oddly, the closer I got to meeting Elly, the less nervous and more excited I became: we’ve spoken loads on the phone and by text and so forth, but it’s so different meeting in real life (or, as all the cooler-than-me kids say, ‘IRL’). Elly and I texted a fair bit whilst I was travelling up, and whilst she was travelling to our muturally-agreed meeting point, and we called briefly whilst she sat on a train station platform, waiting for an arriving train from London (which had me on-board). I also started chatting to this scotish woman on the train, who was really nice, and friendly — these northerners will never learn the way of the Londoner, bless.

When I made it to the large Yorkshire city (yup, they do exist guys), I rang Elly and was like “yo… where you at?”. (I’m not London enough to say that, but just go with it…)
We met and hugged and I was literally just there like: “You’re a human … Yay!”
Upon leaving the station, we ‘crossed some roads’, and reached a shopping centre, which I liked because it had a Costa Coffee. I’m still ever so slightly bitter that Elly wouldn’t let me pay for our drinks, but I payed for lunch so it’s even stevens (is that even a phrase any more, or am I just a stereotypically cliché throwback?).
ItIsUsuallyABitColderUpThereLand has so many amazing shops — like, they have electricity up there now and everything! We shopped for make-up for Elly: she had so many samples on her hands that she was basically one step away from being her own cosmetics shop… one large step, admittedly, but one step all the same. We also looked for a bag for me, but clearly the UK retail industry belives that men only carry items in backpacks. I do not want a backpack. They also seem to believe that headphones are:
A) to be hidden away in Primark
B) to be really difficult to find and
C) to not come in black.
Still, we found headphones, and I bought some, as well as a power bank, and a bathbomb from Lush (which I used on Wednesday night after I got home and it was just yaaaaas).
Also there was this dude handing out free chocolates in the city and we got free chocolate which is basically life in a bag OK???

Here are some short, to-the-point facts about my day in WhyTheHellAreYouAllSoFriendlyLand:
I named a till Georgina.
I hid from people that Elly knew.
We went to Primark three times.
We avoided a man who was hugging ALL the people.
We laughed … a lot.

Wednesday was a great day, and it really did reinforce how wonderful blogging is, and how many superb people there are out there — out here, even. I hruly hope that Elly had as aood a day as I did; I hope we can do it again some day (Elly?).


35 thoughts on “My Lil Adventure

  1. L (it’s kinda hard to drawl your name out as i do in my head over text, I mean it’s more like Ellllllll idk ignore my wierdness hehe) it’s so good to have you back!

    This post has me smiling – your humour is amazing and i love it!

    I’m super happy reading about an amazing day out with Elly. It sounds like so much fun and so many cool memories have been created.

    Have a fabulous day Long!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I admit I have an odd blogging name…
      I’m so glad to be back blogging: I’ve missed it! It was a great day, with an even greater friend X


      1. Dun dun DUNNN!!! Lancashire can have the slightly-more-western Northern Puds™ 😂😂 there isn’t really a southern equivalent of the Northern Pud, unless you count Cornish pasties but that’s more like a southern pastry sandwich 😂

        Liked by 2 people

    1. I still can’t quite believe that I’ve gained the confidence to do this kinda thing! I loved meeting Elly — I’m hoping to some day get loads of the blogging community together 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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