I rarely write posts like this: I don’t really know why. Today, though, I wanted to write this post, because the person who I want to talk about is just so fabulous, and has been such an amazing friend to me over the last few weeks: I don’t know how to thank her. You’ll know her as the fabulous elly.

I often find it really difficult to talk about my ‘issues’ (allow me to introduce needy L). seriously, though, it’s often quite problematic, because, without sounding big-headed, I’m just so unique.
God, that sounds cocky…
I mean, I’m blind, which in itself is unique enough. Then I’m a really camp teenage male, at an all-boys school — the list goes on. It’s almost impossible to find anyone who relates; don’t worry, elly, I’m not about to say that you can relate… Or am I?!
Elly, on the other hand, has listened to me, which is just such a change from the norm. When I have a problem, I don’t feel like an idiot or a timewaster when bringing it up with her, and she is always prepared to listen and help however she can: she is just so fabulous.
I wish I could be as good a friend to her; I’m just not very good at that kind of thing, which makes me annoyed and feel a bit guilty, but I promise I am trying.

Whether she knows it or not, Elly has basically beenthe person who has got me through these last couple of weeks. I’ve been stressed with school and my potential move to college, over 120 miles away from hoem, and although that’s not necessarily what we always talk about, it’s so nice to be able to just chat/text with someone who genuinely cares, and is also absolutely hilarious. Her jokes are even (nearly) as good as mine… One day, elly — one day!

They often say that friendships aren’t just about what you have in common, and they’re right. Still, we have several things in common (no?):
Wicked — a superb musical which deserves to be taught in schools because it is so great OK?
Britishness — sorry
Tea — isn’t tea just so wonderful (Wicked reference) though? NO?

I’m going to visit Elly over our Easter Holidays in April, and I’ve literally not been more hyped for anything in ages… It’s going to be such a brilliant day, and I just can’t wait to visit Costa Coffee together… fine, fine — I just want Costa, OK?

Elly, you are fabulous, and thank you so so much for, like, being my friend… It literally means the world to me, and I couldn’t be more grateful.
I know this post wasn’t very long, but I mean every single word of it: I hope you understand.


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      1. *nervously laughing* I didn’t get you..You find no link between what I just replied? or is it something else that I fail to understand…

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