Best Wednesday Evening

On Wednesday evening, I took part in my school’s music concert; we hold a concert three times a year, where school bands and solo performers showcase the work they’ve been doing in music that term. I really enjoy them, although they can be super scary, especially in that moment just before going out into the music hall. This time was even better than usual — better than ever before, even.

I arrived early at my school on Wednesday evening; I decided to head into the foyer of my school’s music department, and grab a ‘refreshment’ (i.e a warm can of Coke — yum). I texted one of my friends, to see if he was on his way (or maybe at school already), and found that yes, he was on his way. Even that felt great: having the ability (and the friends) to be able to feel comfortable and not pathetically needy, asking a friend if they were on their way.
When he arrived, we went to the rehearsal room, where most of the rest of the people in our band were ‘warming up’ — any excuse to play the top note on a saxophone, amiright? I oh-so-casually purched myself on a table, and kinda sat awkwardly for a couple of minutes. My friend was chatting to one of the musical geniuses in our school — I think he’s a drummer, although from what I gather, he is also a pianist, and probably a leading figure in the development of the musical implementation of the triangle, or something like that — I don’t know, do I?
Then, something odd happened. The room suddenly went silent, a flash of bright light enveloped us all, and we were suddenly surrounded by cute little bunny rabbits wearing hats with unicorn horns and … oh, hang on, wait — that’s not my story: that’s the plot to my wonderfully tragically insane children’s book (which I haven’t written yet).
No, seriously though — something odd happened. My friend turned to me, and started including me in this conversation. Wow, L — dramatic or what??? But honestly, it was so weird to me; this friend is someone who I would call popular, and so them wanting me to be seen to talk with them to someone else who is fairly popular himself is CRAZY.

Suddenly, my table-purching seemed a whole lot more natural — it’s almost as if this friend’s actions gave me confidence in myself: I even joined in a conversation that was going on around me, just naturally, which was so weird but so comfortable and normal all at once. It put such a positive spin on the whole evening, and I don’t even think that anyone in the room even realised what they’d done — to them, I guess it was just completely normal.

I really wanted to share this with you. It made me so warm and happy on the inside, and I felt it needed sharing.


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