To Show You they Care

Something happened today which made me stop and think, and smile at how lucky I am. It was lovely — honestly; i’ll tell you about it now.

I got to school early this morning: I took an alternative route on the train and the bus, and was in school before 8:00. Although school doesn’t start until 8:30, getting in early allows me to get some extra work done, with the help of an overpriced (and yet somehow still addictive) school coffee. And so this morning, I settled down with my coffee at a table in the quieter part of our school’s canteen, and got on with a bit of Chemistry which I hadn’t understood in class.
I always put my phone on the desk when I’m working outside of class: it’s easier just to quickly check it if it goes off that way, and tends to result in less wasted time responding to notifications that really don’t require my immediate attention. I know, from experience, that I’m ridiculously easily distracted, but I go to school early in order to work, and so work is what I shall do.

This morning, however, was a bit different, when at just after 8am, my phone rang. I’m not one of the populars — you know the ones I mean. I’m not one of the kids who is 24/7 in high demand from anyone and everyone on the phone — nope, not me I’m afraid. So, my phone ringing at 8am meant one thing: cold caller! Hurrah!
“Hello?” said a tired, bored L into his smartphone.
“I was just on the train, and you’re not here, and I wanted to make sure that you were OK.”
… Huh? This was not what I had been expecting. It was one of my friends, calling to make sure that I was … OK?
They cared whether I was OK.
I was grinning like an idiot but it was just such a brilliant feeling — to feel cared about, and missed, and actually to have a friend.

It’s odd, because I always consider myself as being so unimportant — why in the world would anyone want to care about me? And yet, clearly, someone does care — maybe just a bit (I don’t know) –, but they care, and that’s enough.

I genuinely feel so, so lucky to have a friend like this: it made today as a whole so much better, after such a positive start.


8 thoughts on “To Show You they Care

  1. Aww L, thats so sweet :’) Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that we are cared for and loved by others, even if we don’t care about ourselves when we are down in the dumps 🙂

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