ALL The Drinks

Yesterday was amazing.
Seriously — it was bloody brilliant, and I’m going to tell you why because i’m a nice llama like that…

On Sunday (yesterday), I met up with two of my favourite bloggers, Elm, and the fabulous Lu. It was one of the best Sundays I’ve had in a long, long time, and I really appreciated that so much.

However, let me start at the beginning: I actually met Elm on Saturday, at a train sation. I was going to meet her at her house, so we could both go and see the brailliantly-legendary Lu in her area of zee world on Sunday. Weirdly enough, I found one of elm’s IRL friends on the train down to her station, which was crazy and so coinsidental — it was almost creepy. They must have seen me, and turned and said my name, to check it was me, and I just freaked the SHIT out because I’m a paranoid little llama.
Anyways, I had a great evening at Elm’s house; we went to that same friend’s house, and then went home to Elm’s, ate and went pretty much straight to sleep. (Oh my gosh we’re such rebellious teenagers…)

Sunday rolled around, and we both got up super early (like 8 am).
… Not that early at all, but shhh oK? …
I ate breakfast with elm and her dad for the first time in ages: I’m not a breakfast person, to be honest, probably because I don’t favour getting out of bed until post-midday. I got showered and dressed and all the rest of it, and then we were off.

Elm and I sang — well, she sang, I just kinda moaned — along to some shitty-pop from Elm’s shitty-pop CD, until we got dropped off… at a taxi rank. Oh, so classy!
I rang Lu, and was like: “Uh, we’re by a taxi rank, opposite a Costa Coffee” (popular coffee shop chain in the UK) “… where are you?”
“I’m in the Costa,” said Lu, and that was the truth…
When we found her, Elm just kind of ran at her, and flung herself upon Lu in a really cute hug, and I just stood there like the mature, sensible, wise, responsible, clever, cool blogger I am (hush,now please). Elm’s dad (who had driven us to see Lu) just stood there, staring at his enthusiastic daughter, before turning to Lu and saying: “If you want to get rid of them early, just let me know.”
Several references were made by the most mature member of the group (obvs me) to the book Padington, in which a bear is abandoned at a train sation with a label round its neck: “Please Look After This Bear”. I suggested we could reenact this scene with elm at the local train sation, but for some obscure reason, she didn’t vote in favour of this superb plan o’ action.

Lu is one of the most fabulous people I know from the Bloggosphere, and that was only confirmed further in my head yesterday, after spending a whole day with her in an ambiguous town. After we drank coffee (Lu boght her coffee before we even arrived, the coffee-cheater), we wandered around and eventually ended up in Boots — a pharmacy here in the UK. Elm boght make-up, and I attempted to buy nice hand-gel, but couldn’t find any that was decent. I ended up standing in Boots, sniffing Lu’s hand cream and deciding that I wanted to buy some of that instead, but that wasn’t available nin Boots, so Elm purchased her aake-up (which she nearly forgot to do), and we left.
Of course, no blogging meet-up would be complete without a trip to Lush, a cosmetics shop which smells DEVINE with a capital D (and E, V, I, N and E again), and so off we popped to Lush. Finally, I found the hand cream of my dreams, hiding away on a shelf in Lush, and I bought it for NINE FUCKING QUID — Lush is expensive AF. Elm also purchased the same product, at the recommendation of a staff member in the shop; Lush staff are always so friendly, and willing to help which I love so much. It just brings a little more joy into a shopper’s world, don’t you think?
Throughout the course of the day, my phone case decided to fall apart, so we went off to this cute little stand in the town to buy me a new one. I found a basic, metallic-like one for £8, although the man at the stall only charged me £7 — I wasn’t going to point out his error now, was I?!
Lunch was literally hilarious; we wandered around the town, trying to find just ONE café that wasn’t full to bursting. It’s super difficult, we found, to find a table for three in a UK coffee shop chain. We ended up taking up residence in another costa — literally, we were there for over an hour –, eating sandwiches and drinking fizzy orange-flavoured drinks, the brand of which evades me at this precise moment. I would like to offer my thanks to Lu now, for buying luch and then flat-out refusing to let us pay her back for it — you’re truly the best, LuLu.
After, we visited this really cute old-fashioned sweet shop, and I bought this rocky road fudge; it’s basically fudge that tastes like chocolate and marshmallows and cherries — it’s almost as fabulous as lu and Elm, NGL. The woman serving us at the counter had a northern-English accent, and when I was thanking her after my purchase, I accidentally slipped in to a full-on northern accent, which was kind awkward because it made it look like I was mocking this poor woman.

I don’t remember when the first toilet trip was, but I want to mention it. We foundthe the toilet, and whilst one of the three of us went to the loo, the other two just stood there awkwardly, chatting. Trust me, it’s hard to pull off the I’m-just-hovering-outside-a-toilet-because-why-not look, but we gave it our best shot. When it was my turn to go, I discovered that for whatever reason, the shopping centre which we were in had opted to put a speaker in the toilet, and it was playing upbeat pop music… bop while you plop came to mind.
During our only other toilet trip, I found myself saying to elm: “Have fun!”, as she went in… Again, Lu and I had to pull off the looking-cool-by-a-toilet look; it’s doable, but tough.

Throughout our day, we often stopped in the middle of the street/shopping centre for triangle time (circle time, adapted for a three-person situation). As we were such a decisive bunch, we made a triangle to decide important things, like what shops to visit, or what drinks to have; it was a bit like a mysterious cult to be honest, but you can’t go wrong with a cult, can you? … No, L, no you can’t …

And how could I write a post about yesterday without mentioning Lu’s Jesus phone? For whatever reason, Lu’s phone kept dying, and then deciding that actually, it wasn’t dead, and turning itself back on again in her trousers’ ‘resurrection pocket’. It then proceeded to last for nearly 3 hours on 1% battery, before finally dying, never to be resurrected again — until it found a charger. It was really quite odd, but hilarious; it was just so spooky. Also, I made a point of pointing out that Lu has EXACTLY the same phone — down to the colour, type and capacity — as my old phone, which was stolen last summer… Any ideas where it went, guys? (Only kidding — I know Lu is too génial for that kind of shitty behaviour.)

Leaving was awful; we walked up to where Elm’s dad was picking us up, and then realised we were an hour early — OOPSIES! We proceeded to walk back to yet another Costa Coffee, tucked away in a little alley, in which we drank hot chocolate and put the world to rights (i.e talked about, uh, what did we talk about again?) When we went back to the Elm-and-I-leaving-Lu-for-that-day point, we sat on a bench and took funny selfies, to remember the day by. For whatever reason, it looks like Elm is bearing her teeth at the camera in the photos, so I’m now calling her Elm the Lion Cub. After several group hugs and almost-tears from us all, Elm and I departed, disappearing out of sight down a long road, as the credits appeared on the screen and … wait, no, that’s the ending of my pre-planned Hollywood musical biopic — sorry!

A great day, then; I really enjoyed it. I seriously hope we can do it again soon, because it was such bants and LOLs and tremendous fun darling. A huge thank you to Elm and Lu for making it so memorable, and for being so funny and lovely and kind and fabulous and legendary and brilliant and amazing and happy — I love you both!! (One ! each, OK?)


9 thoughts on “ALL The Drinks

  1. Yasssssss lads. First to like.
    So you heard my on-going ten minutes speaking assessement on your 1500 word essay on yesterday, so I’m just going to say: Thank you soooooo soooooo muchhhhh for yesterrrrdayyyy. It was so fun and JUST THE BESTTTT. LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSS

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  2. Lol I’m actually crying right now, no joke, ;I miss you guys so much. Honestly Lu’s Jesus phone was so amazing AND I LAUGHED SO HARD I nearly threw up so THANKS FOR THAT! Jokes I just adore you two omfg I’m crying again I need to stop. Also we do NOT talk about that selfie; it’s attrocious and tragic and I looked like a parody of a tiger!!! Thanks for sacrificing your disabled key for me xxx

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  3. Reblogged this on Just Call me Elm Or Something and commented:
    I’m sorry for the influx of posts today, but I couldn’t not reblog this fabulous thing. This is the Llama King’s – AKA L’s – recount of the day, which made me sob out of happiness.

    I don’t understand what it is with those two and mentioning my tragic tiger selfie face… Then again, Lu’s “Jesus phone” was one of the highlights of the entire thing. Need I remind you how much I love L and Lu?

    Anyway, I’ll leave L to explain everything: just to set the record straight, my dad doesn’t ACTUALLY think I’m weird? And having L over the day before was also one of the funniest experiences of my life because he’s the very definition of fabulous, as he has taken to CONSTANTLY singing Wicked songs.

    From Elm 🙂

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