Oh, The Irony of It

Wow — I miss life updates on this blog! I’d say they’re probably my favourite posts to write; self-centred, I know, but true nevertheless. So, here you are: life update time! YAAS QUEEN!

At school today, all of my year group had vaccinations. There were two of them, and hence they used both of my poor, defenceless friends — sorry, arms: I definitely don’t talk to my limbs and call them my friends…
Anyway, I lined up with the rest of my class to receive the jabs of doom; because i’m me (no shit), I had the honour of going first. Now, I’m not going to beat around the bush here (shhh dodgy mind): I was terrified. So, I’m sure you can understand my outright horror/terror when the nurse injecting me said: ‘I have very shakey hands dear’.
Oh God… Oh, my, God.
Good news: I survived.
Bad news: I was sick soon after, and got sent home.
I’m alright now — right as rain, so long as the rain falls when I have a coat. I think I just had some kind of vaccine-induced meltdown, not helped by the dead viruses having a rave in my body.

What else do I have to say…
Oooh yes — I did something I was really proud of yesterday evening. Being the independent soul I am, I met a friend off of a train in my local town, didn’t kill them when guiding them back to my house (they’re also blind, like me), and then this morning managed to get them safely to the tube station, via several main roads and a bus! I mean, of course we went via a coffee shop this morning — it’s natural, right? But I was just so proud of myself, because I did something normal and mature and sensible and didn’t freak out or get it wrong or die… yesss!
L lives on…
And L’s friend…
But L’s more important, let’s be honest…

Also, I have been drinking SO much more tea lately — it’s bizarre, but better for me than the overwhelming quantities of coffee I used to consume. I did have one thought the other day though (a rare occurrence): you know when you’re little, and if you eat too much chocolate, someone says: ‘Careful — you’ll turn into chocolate if you keep eating so much of it’?
Well, what if I turn into a walking talking teabag? (I’d be a teabag, not a tea-leaf, because i’m common as muck.) But one day, i might just start smelling of Earl Grey tea, and turning into powdery stuff in my skin, and then I’ll wake up as a teabag…
Surely it’s not just me who thinks like this?

I’ve spent more time than usual watching vlogs recently — I don’t even know why to be honest, because I don’t usually like watching them. Often, these famous vloggers are portrayed in the media as self-obsessed attention seekers, and I’m sure that in a handful of cases, that description is not too far off the mark. But in many cases, I do genuinely believe that these ‘Internet celebrities’ are just people who want to share their lives with everyday people, like you and me. Maybe they want to spread awareness or share some key message,or maybe they want to just share what they’re up to, because, quite frankly, they can.
I suppose, in some weird way, a lot of us aren’t too dissimilar to these people. They’re live vlogging (like blogging, but with a v and a red line in Word) their lives, while the rest of us use Twitter to chitter-chatter about what we’re doing at any given moment. So, through that logic, these vloggers are basically doing the same as the average Twitter user, although they prefer to publish their content in an alternative form.

I forgot to mention, by the way…
On Saturday, I went to open a shop — get me! Basically, I have involvement with this charity in the UK: they are ahe leading charity who raise awareness of the eye cancer I had when I was young. A shop got in touch with them, and asked for an ambassador to go and open their shop at its launch, and so I was picked. However, the slightly odd thing was that the shop in question is a glasses shop; I’m completely blind.
It was so awkward, but so hilarious all at once — eyeronic (get it?) as hell. There was a photographer present,; e had to take pictures of me wearing different pairs of glasses and looking at myself in a mirror — it was brilliant, cringe-worthy and hilarious all at once. I definitely have a rather odd sense of humour, which I think in this situation is a very lucky thing — I considered having a meltdown, and seeing how people would respond.
“It’s not fair — I feel like i’m being mocked! This is an insult to my pride, and to blind people up and down the country, from north to south, east to west!”
Maybe I would have got a newspaper report in the local paper… I should have tried that! All the same, the glasses-shop opening was a huge success, and I really enjoyed it. After all, I was doing it for charity, and to raise awareness of a cancer which I have multiple first-hand experiences of. Anything for a good cause…

Well, that’s my life update/rambling post over… I really hope you enjoyed it! Tell me what you think of, um, any of the shite I’ve discussed here…


19 thoughts on “Oh, The Irony of It

  1. I’ve noticed this so much in your posts, especially in this one, so I just had to say something! You’re writing style reminds me SO much of a good friend I have, reading your posts is almost like listening to her speak or reading a text from her or something, so it makes your post even more enjoyable for me. Does that sound weird? Sorry if it doss๐Ÿ˜‚
    Anyway, probably can’t say this enough, but your posts are LIFE๐Ÿ˜Š
    Excuse me if I’m being weird…I do that a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I’m glad you like my post style! It’s veryโ€ฆ different ๐Ÿ˜‚
      I tend to write as I’d speak, using punctuation etc to prompt the appropriate reading from readers.
      That’s so sweet — thank youuu! It means the world to me that you enjoy this little blog o’ mine ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m glad you’re not sick any more, but if you do turn into a teabag I’d have to complain, because then I couldn’t talk to you and that would be well shit. Also, you’re a fucking famous blindie people know you from everywhere from up north to down south you know?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think vloggers like to take videos of them doing their life because they first, love doing it; second, want to look back on their life (which is one of the reasons I blog) and third because….. well…. people love watching them!
    Also ironic jokes are the best haha.
    By the way, I just started reading some of your posts and I’m loving it so far ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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