LaLaLa, HaHaHa

Wow, that title was literally the most descriptive, detailed and fabulous title (repetition of ‘title’) you’ve ever read, huh?
Just say yes…

Anyways, I thought I’d just do one of those posts where I just write whatever pops into my head… scary shit, I know, but necessary to channel (no, Microsoft Word, not Chanel) my thoughts into one, neatly packaged perfume bottle … NO, WORD — BLOG POST! Jeez…

I discovered today that, if you type ‘Consider Yourself warned’ into Google, I’m the 4th result that appears — I’m literally so proud, and I don’t even know why. It really made me love this community just that little bit more, because I can finally see (well, I’m blind, but y’know) the results of my work, and that my blog maybe — just maybe — means something. So yay to meaning and Google and blogs and tangerines, because they’re cool too and too many people neglect them despite them being an excellent fruit choice.

On a related topic, I wonder how many cats it would take to fill a swimming pool… I’m not suggesting we drown cats or anything — an empty swimming pool, perhaps. How many do you think it would take? 80?
I guess it depends how much you feed your cat, and hense how fat it is. My cat is fattish — no prejudice, my furry-friend, but you’re obese. But then, my other lil cat is like super skinny, because she thinks she’s James Bond and therefore leaps from fence to fence, shed to shed, post to post, whilst fat-cat leaps from food bowl to food bowl…

I had a super long week at school this week; it’s just been so work-heavy. I lost my shit on MOnday, because one of our teachers, whilst giving us a lesson on futures, decided to tell us that our ONLY way to be successful is to go to our school’s sixth form. I intend to go to college, and my best friend at school does not intend to stay for their A Levels. I got suitably mad and gave the class a long rant (aimed at Mr Teacher) about how he was wrong, and how he mustn’t ‘dare’ to even think for a moment that I can’t be successful. L, you’re a born activist … maybe I should start by standing up for the rights of tangerines…

I am currently really really loving veaucoup de new music, which I thought I’d share avec you:
Lucy Spraggan’s new singles, Modern day Frankenstein and Freddos Aren’t 10p. Modern Day Frankenstein is probably my favourite: if you can get it online somewhere to listen to, I’d highly recommend it: her album comes out next Friday and I’m super excited to hear her new content. For those who don’t know, Lucy is a singer/songwriter who participated in the X Factor UK some years back, and has since released two studio albums.
I’m also currently really liking ed sheeran’s new singles, especially Castle on the Hill, but also Shape of You. They’re both available on YouTube, so if you haven’t heard them, give them a try. They’re both very different from one another, so don’t presume you will like/dislike one based on the sound of the other.

I felt like such a rebel today by the way: I didn’t thank my bus driver. No, look — don’t judge me just yet! His driving was shit, he clearly didn’t understand the necessity of slowing down before stopping (sudden breaks on a bus are rather unpleasant), and he overshot my bus stop, and opened the door for me to get off right in front of a lamp post: I literally had to dance around a lamp post to safely depart the bus. So, I felt my thanks had not be earned by this driver, so I decided to offer them not. (That sounds pleasingly shakespearian, feels I.)

This post is such a mix of things, but I hope you enjoyed it all the same; I just felt like writing to you guys, and just being myself and writing whatever, however, wherever.


15 thoughts on “LaLaLa, HaHaHa

  1. I typed ‘Jazzy Blogs’ into Google and I found out I’m not the only Jazzy Blogs! It makes sense though, my name isn’t the most unique thing in the world๐Ÿ˜‚ Kinda makes me want to change it now๐Ÿ˜‚

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  2. On my laptop, your 8th in Google! HOW AWESOME? Ughh, that bus driver sounds really annoying! And on a cat note, I think 1 fattish cat would fit in one whole swimming pool. IMAGINE HOW FAT THE CAT WOULD BE! They could turn it into a nursery rhyme:
    There was a cat
    It was very fat
    It took up a whole swimming pool
    Yes, the cat was really cool

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