New Year’s Resolutions

I wasn’t actually going to do a blog post on New Year’s Resolutions this year; I just kind of thought that it would be boring, plus how many other posts are there in your reader, written by people promising to ‘lose weight’, or ‘learn to speak Italian’? Exactly — loads, which is why my New Year’s resolutions post will contain more exciting, well-thought-out and generally more interesting promises. Also note that I am posting on the evening of 1st January, for three reasons:
1. I want to be querky and unique
2. I can give you a day’s worth of progress, to let you know how these are going
3. I couldn’t be bothered to write this yesterday/earlier today.

Without further ado, L’s New Year’s Resolutions, brought to you by the llama himself, uh … L.

I Will Drink Less Coffee
I read this article from The Guardian, talking about habits to make/break in 2017 for an overall better year. The last habit, #20, refers to quitting drinking coffee. although I’m certainly not as addicted as the man in question was — he speaks of drinking 6-8 cups per day –, I think that I definitely drink too much of the stuff. I sometimes find myself agitated, or jumpy, and often extremely emotionally unstable, leaping from smiles, rainbows and butterflies to depressed thoughts of self-pity in an instant. so, I am going to drink less coffee. I think saying that I will drink NO coffee is a little unachievable for me personally, but less gives me a goal which is possible for me to achieve. And, after day 1, I have consumed … 0 cups of coffee! Yes, I’ve drank 5 cups of tea, but you know what, that’s an improvement over 5 cups of coffee. If tea is my substitute for coffee, then I’ll take that with joy.

I Will Slee for 7-9 Hours Every Night
Again, an achieveable goal; I’m not saying 8 hours a night (as recommended by ‘experts’); that just isn’t possible for me, because of school and other commitments. But 7-9 hours a night seems fair: I’m also going to track that on my iPhone, to see how well I’m sleeping. Hopefully, the knowledge that my phone is monitoring my use of it overnight will prevent me from reaching to my phone (and then twitter) whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, leading to a better night’s sleep. I slept through midnight, and welcomed in the new year bright and early at 8am; it’s was so lrilliant, because it was so unique and original… #LStyle

I will Say Sorry Less Often
I say sorry so, so much. Like, whenever something goes wrong, regardless of whether it’s my fault or completely, wildly out of my control, I apologise to whoever will listen to me. whilst I will still apologise for things which are my fault, I need to stop saying sorry for events completely beyond my control, and to also stop apologising for tiny, insignificant things, like mistyping a text. Chill, L — that’s your resolution. I’ve made a conscious effort not to say sorry unless I really have to today — it’s been great!

I Will think More
I realise it’s a little vague, but allow me to explain. I want to think things over more on my own, to come to conclusions and make rational decisions before taking action. Often, I say things in the spur of the moment, shich, whilst it is OK from time to time — trust me, some of the best opportunities come through just saying ‘yes’ there and then –, often leads to complicated situations, leading to me feeling uncomfortable or unhappy, just because I haven’t thought something through. The other thing I often do is, when there is a decision to be made, immediately turn to people around me — usually my friends — for advice. I am a huge believer in teamwork, and I believe that putting minds together produces better results. However, I’ve found over this year that it’s often best to think things over first, by yourself, before asking for other people’s input; I find it easier to have a stance on the predicament before speaking to others about it, or else I tend to just go along with what someone else thinks, because I don’t want to offend them and do something different. I am my own person, and I know that all of the people I am friends with know and respect that: I am very, very lucky. So, this year, I’m thinking things through first, and making good decisions in my own time.

And so that’s it — my 2017 New Year’s Resolutions. I hope you found these enjoyable to read, and maybe they gave you some inspiration for your own New Year’s Resolutions. Have you made any yet? i’d love to hear about them in the comments below…


50 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I definitely need to have enough sleep! I spend so much time on my phone and stay up so late. I’m yet to write my resolutions but that will be number one. Idek what I’m waiting for. Going to get started.

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  2. i love the “sleep more” one, i hope that means that i have permission to virtually smack you whenever you text me at 5 am your time and i know for a fact you haven’t slept for 7 hours…


  3. I did find this enjoyable – something a little different to other New Years resolution posts. One of mine is to sleep more – how do you track it on your iPhone, because I want to do that! Xxx

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  4. Great resolutions! I need to work on my sleep, for the last couple of months I have been getting only 6 hours of sleep or less. I also have to drink a LOT more water. Saying sorry too much is virtually unrelated to me, perhaps I say sorry a bit less than I should. And I also can’t relate to thinking less, because I am a MAJOR overthinker… I need to work on that too! 🙂
    I hope you succeed! ❤

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    1. Drinking water is super important… the Guardian article I referenced in this post also mentions drinking water — take a look at habit #11 in the article X

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  5. These are great resolutions!! I might take the idea for getting enough sleep as one of my own resolutions, because I think I don’t get the hours all of the time. Happy new year!

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  6. I loved your resolutions!! XD I think it’s ok to say sorry here and there, but not all the time like everything’s your fault, I also need to say sorry way less – sometimes I even say sorry when for instance another person pushed me by accident, they’re like: sorry and I say sorry too, like what?
    I also should think more before I take action, it’s simply the best thing to do. I’m not really good at decisions specially when I’m in a hurry.
    Again, I loved this post and I also hope you can achieve all your resolutions!! XD

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      1. Try relaxing before bed. People say it all the time, but if you read or do otherwise calming things before bed it really does help you sleep! Also, try facing any issues or unresolved tension you have before going to sleep because then it won’t keep you up! Getting in a routine should help too, but that’s boring ;P

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  7. Despite how many jokes you made about having unique resolutions, I absolutely loved your resolution about thinking more! Reading everybody’s New Years Resolutions lists is giving me so many ideas for the coming years about my own! I absolutely love reading these posts, so I’m so glad that you added another one to my feed. I personally don’t like coffee, but tea is definitely a good substitute. Once your caffeine addiction dies about a bit, biting into an apple in the morning is supposed to be almost as vitalising (unfortunately doesn’t work when you’re used to the coffee rush). Best of courage and will power, because we don’t need luck!

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