It’s the Llama King’s Birthday

Hi everyone! It’s Elm, from Just Call me Elm or Something, making what seems to now be an annual birthday celebration post on the fabulous L’s blog.

This year is what I like to call “Elm and L’s 5 years mostly somewhat official friendshipiversary” or, more simply, 5 years since I agreed to call L on my birthday and so 5 years since we properly started speaking.

Now, I’ve known L for about 6 years, and I have too many embarrassing stories about him to count, but I won’t mortify him by telling you all of them because most of them involve me in some capacity. I was a very irritating 10-year-old, and when we met first on blind camp, he was the only one that stuck in my mind because of his… Unique traits.

When we met for the second time, I got involved in the type of drama that only an 11-year-old can, and L was there alongside me. Oh, the good old days of horrifically embarrassing youth, filled with cringy events. Ever since then, L’s been mostly a constant presence in my life, and we have an old joke about him always calling the landline. Sometimes, for nostalgia’s sake, we ring each other on the home phone, just to have a laugh.

The point is, L’s been witness to pretty much every important event in my life. Maybe he wasn’t there but he helped me, supported me, or screamed at me if I was being an idiot. Over the years, we’ve both matured – him to a scary degree – and I no longer act like my 14-year-old self and throw a hissy fit, blaming him for stupid things that weren’t his fault at all. Sorry about that, by the way – why do you put up with me again?

Ever since he started his blog, we’ve got closer. I feel like I can trust him with everything, and yes I’m embarrassing you BUT SHUT UP this is why you’re friends with me! Erm anyway… He’s achieved so much in his more than a year of having his blog: I’ve known him for so long that I know when changes in his personality happen, and let me tell you, his confidence has increased, he’s been able to express himself more and I love how he’s such a good friend to everyone.

I have L to thank for a lot of things. He was with me when I met my first blogger and let that entire situation happen; he gave me the confidence to start independently travelling; he and I were involved in an amazing opportunity together. He got me through Paris (we went in October) when all I wanted to do was curl up in a corner, and he and I can speak French together whenever we want. Yes, he sings on the phone to me, refers to bloggers as his “baes”, has three hilariously adorable cats and has a habit of laughing like a chicken, but he’s an amazing person.

Hey L, you’ve lived a decade and a half. You’re literally one of the best friends I could ask for, and I’ll be sentimental ‘if I want because you let me be a contributor on your blog, so I have the right mwahaha!

Happy birthday, and I hope next year will be a good one for you. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, so you can’t get rid of me.

Love from Elm πŸ™‚

46 thoughts on “It’s the Llama King’s Birthday

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY L!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Although we haven’t talked in forever now due to me disappearing, thank you for your constant friendship and kindness. Have a great day πŸ™‚

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  2. Since Em and Tanya have said exactly what I was about to say here, I’m just going to wish you Happy Birthdays(is this even right?),again. And please keep writing. I’m sure I speak for many others when I say this. You’re both awesome! And i can’t wait to keep up with both of you in 2017!! Happy New Year too!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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