L’s Year … Is Pretty Much Over

Right, WTF — it’s, like, nearly 2017 and I just hope that it’s better than 2016; c’mon, person-what-controls-the-years: you love the human race really, don’t ya? Uh-huh?
I’ve spent my mornig in a minion onesie, in bed, watching The Ellen Show on YouTube and eating bagels because I’m a functioning member of society. Really, though, Ellen is hilarious, and I love that she spreads joy and happiness and just wants to make people smile, especially in such a hard time for most (in America specifically). That, anyway, is how I’m going to justify my admittedly very lazy morning — please, don’t judge me!

I have no idea what to write about atm…

I wonder what a cross between a sheep and a hamster would be like… big questions o’ da year, no? I think so… It’s be kinda cute, though, because it’d be small enough to cuddle when you’re having a breakdown/it’s a Tuesday, but have fluffy sheep fur which is nice to stroke when you’re having a breakdown/it’s a Tuesday. What would we call it — a sheepster? I like that, actually — a sheepster. that is cool af.

I sort of wanted to finish the year with a thank you. This has been my first full year of blogging, and what a year it has been. Each and every one of you in the blogosphere have been so accepting, warm and kind towards me and towards each other, and that means so much, and is so special. Both in the comments below each post, on Twitter, by email or however else you guys have chosen to get in touch, you’ve all been so lovely, welcoming and friendly, and I can’t thank you enough for it. I adore reading your comments, and I love getting your input on the things I write about, whether they be serious or humourous, relevant or not.
Ok, let’s face it, most things I write about aren’t really relevant … I know, it’s fine.
I love seeing how kind everyone is in this community; everybody’s equal, everybody’s fair and everybody’s accepting, and that’s so rare, so unique, and so special; we must hang onto that. I love you all, and for once, I think, somehow, in some way, you might love me too… Maybe?

Happy New Year


20 thoughts on “L’s Year … Is Pretty Much Over

  1. Hi,
    That was so sweet and wonderful! I haven’t really spoken to you that much, but I can tell that you’re a really wonderful person. I love how you recognise the kindness that goes around and thank people for it!
    Happy new year,
    Lu x
    P.S: Sheepsters sound amazing, I think that we all need them in our lives, haha

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    1. Maybe in the future…
      Thank you so much — we should talk more in the new year! I think that it is so important that we are all kind to one another, and that we all show each other respect. Happy new year X

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      1. You’re welcome! We most definitely should, that would be so nice.
        I think that it’s so important! When I first started blogging at the start of this year i was so surprised by how welcoming people were and so supportive and it made the whole blogging experience 100x better!
        Lu x

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  2. When you’d mention the hamster-sheep cross, I imagined it in a horrible way. It has the sheep body, with the wool and all, then the feets are tiny like the hamster and the face is hamster bu it has the size of sheep’s head haha. Anyways, I’m so proud you get through one year of blogging. I’m so happy for you and happy new year!

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  3. I WANNA MINION ONESIE (like who doesn’t?) Hope you enjoyed those bagels! Thank YOu for creating such wonderful, funny, brilliant blog posts. I love the WordPress community too, they are so welcoming, nice and I’ve never come across any discrimination (like, wow!). Happy new year, hope 2017 is gonna be the best year for you!

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  4. Congrats for completing your first year blogging! You seem like such a nice, sweet person…I mean I know you were my kind of person when you mentioned the cross between a hamster and a sheep that’s soooo something I would say!😂
    I hope you have a great new year! 😊💕


  5. Ellen is the BEST! Also, sheepster’s are amazing and they definitely need to exist in the future…maybe there could be a catster too?? Congrats on one year of blogging – that’s so awesome and here’s to many more years! We haven’t really spoken much and I’d love to talk to you more in the new year🙂 And YASS, I agree, we MUST ALL hang onto that through whatever 2017 throws at us! The blogosphere SHALL PREVAIL!

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