My Christmas … In Review

Yo Yo Yo — This is Christmas L speaking: delighted to make your acquaintance.
Let me explain: I’m writing this post during that bit of the evening where each of your family members goes off and does their own thing on Christmas, because we’re all sick to death of each other’s company and we just cannot cope with agreeing what to watch on TV, so we go our separate ways to try and regain our sanity. I’m potentially-by-which-I-mean-very tipsy, and will probably regret this post in the morning but YOLO guys, YOLO (unless you’re a cat, in wich case YOL9T…)

Today’s been a good day — a great day, in fact. It’s been a whole lot of fun, I’ve eaten way too much, received beaucoup de presents, and drunk more than I’ve ever drunk in total in just 6 hours… Oops! I’ve spent the day with my immediate family, and it’s just been a whole lot of fun overall: loads of laughs, loads of smiles and loads of chocolate — you can’t beat it, eh?

I don’t want to talk about all of my presents; you’re probably sick to death of seeing people on facebook with their gifts cluched to them like newborn babies (I guess no one told them that although Christmas is TECHNICALLY about the birth of a child, it is not necessary to act out the first few moments of that child’s life with your own gifts). However, I do want to discuss some of the more … different gifts I received this year; I think, like me, you’ll be amused.
1. Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate cookie Lip Balm
How sick is this??? It literally smells devine, and I love it so much; it’ll definitely help attract a partner to kiss, right? Everyone loves chocolate, let’s be honest here…

2. Mrs Browns Boys Tea Caddy
Mrs Brown’s Boys is a comedy show over here in the UK; if you don’t know it, see if you can watch an episode or find some clips online — it’s hilarious! Anyway, I now have a tea caddy (which stores tea bags) in the shape of Mrs Brown… Also, my paretns replenished my dwindling supply of Earl Grey tea bags, which is a Christmas miracle in itself.

I think those are the best two presents I got in terms of randomness and genius on my parents’ part: I got other things too, but as I say, I bet your bored of reading about the normal stuf… Besides, where’s the fun in being normal?

I hope you’ve all had a fab Christmas Day if you celebrate it, and a great sunday if you do not. I know I am setting a poor example by being potentially-by-which-I-Mean-very tipsy whilst writing this post, but I hope you can forgive me, ‘cos Christmas.


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