Short Love Poem

I love you, can you tell?
Can you see it in my smile or the way that I talk
To you?
A word can’t describe it,
Because words don’t have feelings; words are icy cold

Does my fear hide it well?
Am I good at hiding what I’m scared will scare you
I love you, can you tell?
You get me, and that’s such a rarity
For me.

Maybe you don’t feel the same.
Somewhere out there, do you miss me like I miss you
So much?
Or am I forgotten,
Like a passing cloud or a splash of rain, there, and
Then gone.

You’ve been gone for too long,
And it kills me to think that maybe you forgot
About me.
But maybe you haven’t.
Perhaps, like me, you feel it too, because sometimes,
You miss me too.

I’ll never know, I guess.
I wish I did, because I hope that it’s true, and
I’m right.
I know I am, surely?
This can’t be wrong, because I love you and I think
You love me too.

Just another shitty attempt at a poem to sum up how I am feeling right now…


11 thoughts on “Short Love Poem

  1. You know, I actually understand where you are coming from with this poem. I have someone who I think of in the same way. It’s difficult because they were one of my best friends and now we don’t see each other but the feeling doesn’t pass. I get it! x

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  2. Is it weird that I feel like this is me? Because every word, beautifully woven with each other, speaks to me as if it’s my mind and my heart having a kind of dialogue with each other.
    Or something like that 😅 Sorry for being such a dope. What I’m trying to say is: this is so beautiful 💕

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