This Little Brief Update of Mine

So … life update time!

I’m currently lying in bed, phone on my lap and Bluetooth keyboard basically on my chest, typing out this post to you amazing, amazing people. No, I’m not lazy (or, at least, that’s not the reason why I’m in this position); no, L is — or rather, was — ill. I know … Commence the flow of flowers and grapes to my bedside.
Slightly off-topic, but why grapes? Like, who was it that went: “I’m ill … I fancy some grapes! Oi, you, bring me grapes!”
If I’m honest, I’d much rather have some strawberries, because they’re well expensive and taste Devine (the posh side of me is running wild here, darling), and so I’d much rather have people buy me them instead; why spend my own (non-existent) money when I could just as easily get someone else to spend theirs for me?
Regardless, I was ill, and have slept for 24 hours in the last 36 hours (ahhh too many numbers, I know), but now I feel fully restored to maximum health, so all is well. Still, why not stay in bed for just a few more minutes, before making my return back to school, after missing so much time there (1 day, but I’m sure they’ve all missed me like crazy)?

What else shall I ramble on about here? Ooooh, yes, nearly forgot to mention …
CONSIDER YOURSELF WARNED HAS 600+ FOLLOWERS!!! Like, WTF??? I’m just writing my shit (posh completely dies) and now 600 — yes, 600 — of you lovely people decided to join me on my little corner of fabulousness… Thank you, Llamas (with a capital L); thank you so, so much. You’re officially fabulous, ‘cos I said so, and who else is permitted to officially declare fabulousness?

Also, today I have a French speaking exam which I’m shitting myself for, and I don’t even know if I’m going to be able to get any words out because I still have a super sore throat. On the other hand, I have discovered that having such a poorly throat does enhance my (deliberately shitty and probably really offensive) French accent, so I’ll be putting that on for the enjoyment of my actually-French French teacher. #SozNotSoz

Is it v v obvious that the amount of time I’ve spent
A) alone and
B) asleep has made me both really energetic and really really camp? IDK it’s just how I’m feelin’ innit?

I think I’m getting my physics test back today and although it sounds big-headed, I genuinely think I did quite well in that exam I was really confident and proud of the amount of revision I did because I’m usually shit at revising for exams, especially exams in subjects that I detest (oooh, the posh returns…), so I really hope I did OK. My physics teacher seems to like me, and in some really weird, sucking-up kinda way I don’t want to let him down because he always tries really hard to make sure that I understand what he’s on about in lessons, and so to fail his first exam would be really awkward and really disheartening for him; it’d look like I don’t care about his lessons.

It’s non-school-uniform day today at school; basically, we can ditch our school uniforms for one day, and wear what the hell we like, for the small price of £2. If you head over to my Twitter (@CWarned), you can find the picture of the Christmas jumper which I posted on Tuesday, when I had to wear it for 2h. Well, today, I’m wearing it all day, and, like Tuesday, I have no shame in doing so.
Dashing through the snow (well, rain), on a one-horse open sleigh (well, bus), through the fields we go (well, main roads), laughing all the way (this is England, darling — we don’t laugh, we frown).

Hope you’re all well, and you enjoyed this little brief update of mine; it’s genuinely cheered me up, writing this post, and so I’m now ready to face the day ahead (hurrah!)
What have you been up to lately? Ready for Christmas yet???


14 thoughts on “This Little Brief Update of Mine

  1. “This is England darling, we don’t laugh, we frown” was my favourite bit of this post – although all of it was good! It’s just so true, as someone who actually does smile and laugh quite a lot it’s quite disheartening that the rest of England are so miserable… it makes sense with the way the world has been destroying itself this year.

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  2. Loved your post and hope you did well in your exams – even at my ancient age I can remember how awful they were ! And the worst bit is that NO-ONE ever asks you what exams you have when going for a job ! Just wear a short skirt I say !!!!! Thanks again for your uplifting and funny post !

    Liked by 1 person

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