Be Kind to One Another

Some of you more devoted Ellen fans may recognise the title of this post as potentially one of her most-heard sayings: “Be kind to one another”. She says it at the end of each show, and I think that although some may see it as a slightly throw-away comment, it is a super important message worth remembering.

Although I try not to get too political on my blog (Vote remain, Vote Remain, Vote Remain), I think that we can all agree upon one thing: we are living in an age of political unrest, across the whole globe, from the United States of America right over to here, in the United Kingdom. This has caused quite a lot of controversy, with a huge number of people feeling powerless, offended or overlooked in a whole load of political decisions, from Brexit to the US Presidential Elections, and so many more huge political events around the world. Although we do our best to avoid it, there has been a very small amount of people saying some very horrible things both to individuals who speak their own opinions on social media, and to broader groups and communities. Whilst I know that no one here is involved in that kind of behaviour (gosh, I sound like a bloody teacher), it still happens, and there’s no point ignoring it; that’s just making it worse.

Be kind to one another, because you’d want them to be kind to you, wouldn’t you? thankfully, we live in a world where everybody has the right to an opinion, a point of view and a belief; what a shame it is, then, that some people feel that anyone who has an opinion different to their own is wrong — invalid, even. sure, challenge people — debate with them, talk with them, and interact with them. But please, don’t tell them they’re wrong, or that you are, in some way, better than them because of your opinion, because that simply is not true.

Every time I write something on Twitter, I’m always overwhelmed by how kind you all are to me, time after time. If I have a problem, you help me out; if I have a question, you help me find the answers; if I say something funny, you laugh along with me, even if it’s really not that funny, TBH. And every time I see a tweet from any of you guys, I always do my absolute best to help you out, to give you a kind word or just join in the silliness — I’ll do everything I can to make you smile. There’s more than enough negativity in this world, especially online, where people can hide themselves behind their screens, and say shitty things that they’d never dream of saying to someone’s face; I just wish the whole world could take a leaf out of the blogging community’s book, and be kind to one another.

I wonder, sometimes, what is going through the heads of people writing some of these awful comments online. What are these people thinking as they tell celebrity X, Y and Z to kill themselves? But no — they’re not even always celebrities –; sometimes, they’re just normal, everyday people living their lives. For the sake of humanity and morals, I hope that they don’t realise how much this is affecting the people they’re saying these things to, because if I presume they know how much those comments hurt, I lose all faith in everything that our generation and the generations before ours have strived to build. Some people honestly say that they wish someone would write to these online trolls sending them the same comments they send to people they’ve never even met. But no, because if we do that, what makes us any better than them? Two wrongs don’t make a right; instead, two wrongs just negatively affect twice as many lives, and that is not something we should advocate, however awful the things these people say.
It’s sad, but some people want to hurt people, I think, and there’s very little we can do about it other than report, and find something more positive to inspire us to grow, and be kind to those around us.

Be kind to one another


13 thoughts on “Be Kind to One Another

  1. This is such a sweet and thoughtful post 🙂 I think people that purposefully bring others down are because they themselves aren’t getting the kindness they want from the people in their lives. So, they lash out at others in order to keep their pride and give them a sense of control.

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  2. honestly all of the western world has super right wing politics making a comeback at the moment because people are tired of not being heard, and jump to outspoken views that break the pc norm that we’re all in the headspace of right now. its happening in the us, uk, austria, france, italy and poland and its honestly so so scary?? people are jumping to hatred as a way to vent their grievances about the state of politics in their own countries and its scary and weird and i agree that people should calm down and just be nice. (als have u heard about the guy going round london rating chicken shops, im dead)

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  3. It’s frustrating how people feel the need to leave hateful comments on something that they dislike because they’re unnecessarily dedicating more time of their lives expressing the negative feelings when they could be doing something far more productive instead. Sure, we’re all accustomed to our own opinions but like you said, we need to be able to distinguish the differentiate between debating our views and outright discriminating other people’s. Also, you’re absolutely right; we can’t deal with these comments by returning the hatred because that just contributes to the growing negativity in the world. The only time negative + negative = positive is in Maths and that’s not going to change any time soon although imagine how positive the world would be if things did work like that

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      1. Correct me if I’m wrong; you’re not that fond of algebra but you’re trying to be nice cause y’know “be kind to one another”😂

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