Ooooh, It’s A Bit Chilly

So, it’s December, and that can only mean one thing … well, it COULD mean beaucoup de things, but in this case, and for the sake of my blog post, it can only mean one.
Just one.
It means … CHRISTMAS!

Yes, December is the time of year when trees go up inside houses (how weird is that?), lights adorn every window (it’s a wonder they haven’t exploded yet), and all of a sudden, it’s OK to eat out-of-date fruit cake. Now, I understand that not all countries and religions celebrate Christmas; here in the UK, as a country, we do celebrate it. However, I don’t see why anyone should have to be excluded from the festivities: whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there is nothing stopping you from generally having a nice time, spending days with family and friends, and enjoying yourself.

Is there a better time of the year than winter to have a great time? There is something crisp and fresh about the biting cold of winter, and something hugely exciting about the hopes and dreams of fluffy snow, shared by adults and kids alike. I can’t speak for anyone besides myself, but I can’t imagine anything nicer for myself than being sat under a warm fluffy blanket, beside a crackling fire, clutching a piping-hot mug of cocoa — ah, is there anything more British, or wintery?

Christmas — or the winter season — is the one time of the year I feel so bad for anyone who is either not British, or not in Britain, because we have potentially the best thing in winter.
Costa Coffee Christmas Drinks!
Yes, fellow Brits, rejoice, for we have the wonder that is Costa Coffee, and the more fabulous Christmas Drinks range. For those unfamiliar, allow L to give you un petit lesson de Britain (my French is fabulous darling). Costa Coffee is a HUGE chain of coffee shops here in the UK — like Starbucks, but cheaper and better (soz Americans). Their Christmas Drinks range is a selection of special variants on normal hot drinks. Examples include the orange hot chocolate, mint hot chocolate, black forest hot chocolate (cherries and the like), honeycomb latte, salted caramel cappuccino, gingerbread and cream latte… Ahhh, they’re fabulous (like me, actually). I bet your mouth is watering at the thought of rich, creamy hot chocolate, with a soft and subtle hint of mint tickling your tongue…

Christmas & winter are brilliant. In fact, they’re fabulous… darling.


21 thoughts on “Ooooh, It’s A Bit Chilly

  1. I find this slightly amusing to read, as it’s currently 30 degrees outside and they’re predicting 45 for Christmas day – I won’t be seeing snow anytime soon!

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  2. I’m finding it impossible not to read this in a very posh British accent😂 (not tryin’ to stereotype or any thing) and yasss ofc, their Christmas Drinks are brilliant! They’re just mint to be.

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      1. You may not be but it’s just some of the phrases you use – they’re practically begging to be spoken in a very posh accent😂

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      2. Sure: ‘something crisp and fresh about the biting cold’, ‘a crackling fire, clutching a piping hot mug…’ and ‘subtle hint of mint tickling your tongue’. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t help but pronounce every single letter (especially the t’s) to the best of my ability😅

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