10 Rules of Blogging

Oh gosh — L’s back to project planning… this simply can’t end well, can it?
Oi, that’s rude… Do I have split personality disorder, do you think? πŸ˜‰

So, yes, after all of your tears, desperate cries for a new project and a quiet Saturday afternoon in my life, I’ve decided to invent a new project, to take the Blogosphere by storm. Sure, I could just stick to what arguably some people say I do best: writing blog posts and producing sarcastic and often cringe-worthy late-night tweets (it’s not arguable that I’m the best at this, rather that people other than myself have said so…). Still, life would get boring if we all stuck to what we always do, and besides, I need to expand my fanbase of millions (hush, now) to an audience of billions… Are you with me, Planet Earth?

10 Rules of blogging
Honestly, I’ve had an idea for this project for such a long time now, and in the last 24 hours I’ve finally buckled down and formed it into a concrete plan which I’m genuinely super excited to present to you now, under the title 10 Rules of Blogging, or 10ROB if you’re lazy/for some reason conform to a 140 character word limit on a social network and by the way why are you conforming to that and be a rebel why not it’s fun…

Right, yeah — 10 Rules of Blogging, L: stay on topic dude!

10 Rules of Blogging is a project of my own creation to try and spread positive ideas and ‘rules’ to be a ‘good blogger’. whilst I understand, acknowledge and outright love that every blogger and blog is different, I think that there is a set of foundations by which all ‘good bloggers’ work from, and I think the best people to put those rules into words are bloggers themselves (yes, you guys! I know, how exciting!)

So, what is this project?
Well, here’s the basic idea: I’m going to set out 10 categories, each to do with blogging. For each one, I’d like participants to come up with a rule which they think defines the optimal behaviour or attitude of a ‘good blogger’ in that specific area of blogging. The categories range from the attitudes of bloggers to their blogs, and it’s up to you what rule you decide to make for that category. Once entries are in, I will go through each category, and create a shortlist of 2-4 rules for each category. Regardless of whether you submitted a rule or not, you will be able to vote on which rule in each category is your favourite, and in one of the most simplistic demonstrations of democracy ever, the rule in each category with the most votes is proclaimed … the rule. There will, therefore, be a final total of 10 rules — one for each category –, and these shall be the 10 Rules of Blogging.

Let me summarise the above into a simple timeline, with added dates — you’re welcome:
NOW –Entries start for rule submissions
23:59 GMT 2nd December – Entries close for rule submissions
5th December – Voting opens for final rules
23:59 GMT 9th December – Voting closes for final rules
That was easy, right? I mean you’ve all obvs just put ALL zee dates into your calendrs, right?

How to Submit Rules
Rule submissions can be submitted (ugh using ‘submit’ twice ugh) in three different ways. I have ordered them in no particular order, so as not to upset any social media networks (soz, Twitter: you’re at the bottom of this list).

If you love me loads and want to promote my blog and this project to your readers (you probs have more than me, let’s be honest), then you can submit your rule suggestions in a post of your very own — I know, exciting!
Just ensure that you do all three of the following:
Link back to this post in tour post, so that people can check out the original post and the project details should they wish
Leave a link to your post in the comments of this post, right here…
Tag your post 10ROB, so I don’t miss it by accident

If you are so inclined, you can leave a comment on this post with one or more rule ideas, for me to read. Just ensure that you are specific with which category you are making a rule suggestion for, so I’m absolutely positive (L can be un peu stupid de temps en temps).

Yup, you can tweet your rule suggestions to me @CWarned. Also use the hashtag #10ROB, and ensure to quote the number of the rule you are making a suggestion for.
Checklist for Twitter:
Rule number

The categories themselves are as follows. Whilst I would like to encourage everybody tho participates to suggest a rule in every category, if you simply cannot do so, that is fine.
1. Discovering new bloggers
2. Publishing content you’re happy with
3. Managing/responding to comments
4. Keeping track of others’ blogs
5. Keeping readers engaged between posts
6. Writing style
7. When/When not to post
8. Deciding what to blog about
9. Staying safe while blogging
10. Finish the sentence: When blogging, always remember that …

And there you go: the 10 Rules of Blogging project is open! I hope you’re as excited as me, and I really hope that as many of you as possible get involved, and share this project around (yes, OK… I’ll pay y’all later).
I can’t wait to see what amazing ideas you come up with … you always put your all into these projects of mine, and I’m so grateful for that: I know I love reading through everything you fabulous people have to say, and I know that others do too!

Get rulemaking!


32 thoughts on “10 Rules of Blogging

  1. Rule suggestion for category 6, make sure your posts make sense. example: writing things in chronological order, being consistent with any fake names you have for people, and the run-on sentences your English teacher lectured you about are infact very hard to follow.

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  2. i could only think of ones for the last three soo yup. i’m a bit confused if i did it right (hopefully) –

    8. blog about what you have a passion for or what you feel like.
    9. if you see anything inappropriate report the post/site and then block them.
    10. When blogging, always remember that your blog is for you to express yourself and your ideas so feel free to take it in whatever direction you like.

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    For category #2, the rule I cam up with is be passionate about what you’re blogging and don’t force yourself into a specific topic you don’t like.
    For category #3, don’t stress about responding to comments.
    For category #10, when blogging, always remember that patience is key because your followers, views, likes, comments won’t boost overnight. You have to wait.

    I hope I did it right!

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  4. 1. Discovering new bloggers.
    Discovering new bloggers is quite a standard rule. Mostly when you do, through first Friday mainly, you make them really happy, cause support is whats main here. Also, you have garnered yourself one person who is sure to always like your posts, and mentiom your name in his blog at whatever oportunity he might have.

    2. Publishing content you are happy with.
    Sometimes, you don’t have to be happy about stuff you publish. Sometimes you just want to get it out.

    3. Managing and responding to comment.
    This is ome very major way to help you get more into the blogging community. If you comment in a post, others who want to comment or just check might see your comment and then check your blog. Also, if you comment on a persons blog, the persons become inclined to also comment on your posts. A win win situation.

    6. Writing style.
    There are a lot of people who vehemently dislike short forms and mistakes. If you are going to make mistakes, keep it to a minimum as people get discouraged over bad grammar.

    7. When and when not to post.
    I do struggle with this myself, but the thing is, when you see where most of your readers come from, you can try to target their time zones around the time when people are out of school or work, and they can read your posts. Like in the evening. But then, other people would still read, so the point is a little moot.

    8. Deciding what to blog about.
    This can be a fit, but I think you should just go with what you like to write about cause if you begin with something you think people would like, it would get old. It all depends howver if you are focusing your blog ona particular genre. If you let your blog cut across all genres, it would be easy for you to just blog about what you wamt, but then its good to focus on one, and let the others just be once in a while.

    10. When blogging always remember that…
    No two blogs are the same. The fact that you started blogging at the same time with another person does not mean your blogs would grow at the same rate. Do what you love. Followers/support would come at the right time.
    Also, try not to brag too much about the followers you have garnered within a short time. Consider other bloggers feelings who has not accomplished what you have while they have been blogging longer than you have. Be thankful for the amount you have, but bragging would get you no where.

    I hope I did this right.

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    1. Welcome to the Bloggosphere: I agree, everyone here is lovely! Some of us make twitter accounts for our blogs, and/or blogging email accounts, and/or blog Kik accounts … you have a lot of options, but I’d say that an email is a good one to have, and a twitter account for less formal and more instantaneous interaction with other bloggers/followers. I hope that was helpful — feel free to ask any other questions you may have πŸ™‚
      Good luck X


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